Testimonies From Others

TESTIMONIALS...Although Steve Buckley developed our Buckley Naturals 'B' lotion to heal his own psoriasis/eczema, cracked feet and hands, there are many others who love our lotion for their dry skin and other skin issues!! Our lotion is 'naturally' antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral, and we BEE-lieve our 'B' lotion is the BEST for any skin issues, from top of the head to tips of the toes, and not just for preventing those dry hands and cracked feet!

4/19/24 - Hi Susan and Steve! I'm getting low on your MIRACLE Lotion Bar once again, so I need to always have some on hand! Thank You again for making it, and PLEASE continue to do so, as it's the only thing that works for me!! Thank you again and take care! A VERY SATISFIED customer, Mark B., Little Canada, MN

4/14/24 - Wishing you and Steve a wonderful spring. I have directed a few more people to you! Small business needs all the help they can get! Chriss S., Lemont, IL

3/20/24 - I've been buying your lotion for years for my husband's feet. I do tell friends and family about your product because my husband has had success with it. In fact he just brought me the tube and said "Please get me some more of this!" Diana G., Coon Rapids, MN

3/19/24 - AWESOME PRODUCT! Rhonda K., Pevely, MO

3/9/24 - Hope you guys are doing well... so glad you're still selling the most amazing lotion!!! Rachel M., Gilbert, AZ

2/20/24 - This stuff just plain works!! I've spread the word... I know my daughter bought some. Bob G., Sherwood, WI

2/5/24 - I'm having your lotion shipped to my daughter, she has developed an eczema type rash on her palm. The lotion worked so well for me that I no longer have an issue with the eczema and wanted her to try it. Her doctor ordered steroids which I was expecting, but not happy with it. Anyway, love this product and hope and pray you keep providing it. Mary Sue, Greenfield, MN

1/29/24 - I heard about your lotion at a swim meet. I was sitting in the bleachers and heard a woman talking to another couple ladies about how your lotion helped her daughter's eczema, so my son and I are looking forward to receiving your lotion as the chlorine in the pool makes his eczema so much worse! Thank you! Beverly Z., Schaumburg, IL

1/29/24 - Oh my gosh... I got your lotion on Saturday for a rash I've had, and I found relief after the first use! I love this... Thank you for making it!! Lois M., Little Falls, MN

1/23/24 - Your lotion has been the only thing to help my dry cracked feet. My mother also uses your lotion and ordered it the last time for the both of us, so now I'm ordering more! Thanks again! Krista B., Rochester, MN

1/18/24 - My son has some very severe reaction on his skin to different stuff and he gets super itchy. Years ago I bought some of your lotion at a craft fair, and he recently found my stick of lotion and LOVES it! Of course I am now out of it and he asks for it all the time... so I looked you up on the computer and decided to stock up. I love that it's so effective and has clean ingredients. It helps that he loves it too! He's only 3 years old and is very picky about what we use on his skin! Thank you for the great product and service. We appreciate it! Blessings, Angelique B., Kearney, NE

1/7/24 - I don't know what I'd do without you guys and your lotion! I've been using it for a few years now and it's still the best. Dennis S., Marshfield, WI

1/7/24 - This is the Best Product Ever!!!! Been using it FOREVER on my son's skin issues and now my husband loves it too, in addition to me, of course! Lorie W., Tolleson, AZ

1/5/24 - Still using this after many years! Thanks, Kathy A., DePere, WI

1/4/24 - My son's rash is horrible again and he started using your lotion again! Works great! Just ordering more to have on hand! Angela W., Sartell, MN

12/22/23 - GREAT stuff for stocking stuffers at x mas!! Will spread the word to others! Happy Holidays! Regards, Luke S., Duluth, MN

12/13/23 -Our family uses your lotion all the time for burns/bee stings/bug bites/poison ivy encounters, skin irritations...dry skin. This year I figured everyone in the family should get one for a stocking stuffer. So shhhhhhh... Haha. I love it and can't wait to share it! My one stick has literally lasted years!! Megan R., Allen, TX

11/29/23 - I know I commented on my order what a great product you have and that I've been using it for years, but I just wanted to thank you for the nice note you sent......and I just wanted to add that I couldn't get through winter without your lotion. Thanks again for a great product! Michelle K., Chippewa Falls, WI

11/25/23 - Thanks for such a great product! Joe B., Duluth, MN

11/23/23 - I faithfully order every three months to replenish because it works WONDERS!!!! Lorie W., Tolleson, AZ

11/17/23 - Thanks for a great product! Been using it for years! Michelle K., Chippewa Falls, WI

10/23/23 - Winter's coming...and I tell everyone your lotion is the best! Eric P., Teutopolis, IL

10/23/23 - Thanks you SO MUCH for your always quick service in getting the lotion bar mailed out, AND for the wonderful extra gift of lip balm. Regardless of the flavor, it all works so good!! I constantly mention your outstanding products to my friends, so hopefully they've followed through by ordering from you. Again, I'm your customer for life!! Mark B., Little Canada, MN

10/21/23 - Well, the dry winter is coming again, so I have to stock up on another MIRACLE lotion bar! I retired last year from my Professional Driving, so I won't be driving in a dry-heat vehicle as much, but I still need your lotion for my dry hands!! Thank you again, and PLEASE keep making it!! Happy and blessed Holidays. Customer for life!! Mark B., Little Canada, MN

9/15/23 - Had a nice drive over today to pick up a bunch of lotion tubes and lip balm. I met you guys years ago at Back to the 50's in St Paul, and it's worth the drive here. Mary N., Hutchinson, MN

8/28/23 - Appreciate you're still making this incredible lotion. Greg W., Apollo Beach, FL

8/9/23 - Hope all is going well with you and your family this summer. Thanks for making such a great product. Gar E., Rogers, MN

7/25/23 - If you can ship as soon as possible, my daughter would appreciate it. She had a flare up with her eczema and says this is the only stuff that works for her! Wendy S., Wilsonville, OR

7/25/23 - This is the best lotion and am so glad we can just stop by your house and pick it up! Dave S., Delano, MN

7/18/23 - This stuff has been a life saver for us! We use it on all rashes, cuts, eczema, dry skin... all the things! The chap sticks are a 'must have' in your purse! Get your family some - you won't be disappointed! Angela W., Sartell, MN

7/15/23 - About 5 years ago I purchased one of your lotions. I've used it on and off while in the restaurant business but since getting into the kitchen remodeling and painting business 3 yrs ago, I've used it regularly on my hands due to the nature of my work and the materials and chemicals I'm exposed to now. Often times I apply it to ay hands and cover them with gloves overnight and the results are amazing. I was so excited to see you were still in business and on-line!! Renee B., West Olive, MI

7/9/23 - My friend uses your lotion and share one with me...and I just love it!! Being in Arizona desert, my skin and feet dry up something awful... you will hear from me again! Thank you. Blessings, Cheryl C., Fountain Hills, AZ

6/10/23 - I have been getting your lotion for years now. I couldn't live without it!! Bob G., Sherwood, WI

6/9/23 - We love your products and have shared tubes of lotion with several friends and family. Ann C., Sauk Rapids, MN

6/8/23 - Susan, your product is fantastic and helps me live a much more comfortable life with my psoriasis. It's my pleasure... just keep making it. Anyone I meet with skin issues, I refer them to you! Eric P., Teutopolis, IL

6/4/23 - Heaven only knows what I did prior to using your lotion! I will be your customer for life & that's a fact!!! Sharon A., Mesa, AZ

5/28/23 - Thank you for making such a great alternative product! I've been using this lotion for at least 8 hears now and it still is the best remedy for my psoriasis. Ryan B., Sparta, WI

5/28/23 - Thank you! We bought this product about 4 years ago at Ely Blueberry Festival and it works great for my daughter's eczema! We just ran out and I'm so happy that you are still making this product!! Thank you! Maria L., St. Paul, MN

5/10/23 - Susan, you guys are the best! I feel like your lotion is one of the best I've used for my eczema, dry skin, callous help, and I would be very sad if I couldn't continue to obtain in! Your products are the best I've ever used and I would be very sad if I couldn't continue to use them. I love the simplicity. You are welcome to use this ad for a review. Blessings, Linda W., Fountain Hills, AZ

5/1/23 - I LOVE this stuff for my son's eczema. The minute he starts to feel itchy he asks for his "Bee Lotion" and it makes his skin feel so much better! Kalinda K., LaCrosse, WI

4/18/23 - You have such a great product! It makes my feet happy! And you are correct; a little goes a long way! Denise P., Phoenix, AZ

4/17/23 - Your product has been amazing for my husband and son's eczema! We will be loyal customers to you for a Long Time! Lorie W. Tolleson, AZ

4/4/23 - I love your lotion and use it year round. It's a wonderful product so I thought I'd try your lip balm also. I have a friend going thru chemo and ordered some lotion and lip balm for her as well as she said her skin and lips get dried out from treatments. Karen S., Britt, MN

3/29/23 - I have referred so many people to you lotion, it is GREAT! I will always tell people how it has helped me with my eczema on my eye lids, so everyone asks me about it. I have been ordering from you for about 7-8 years now and just love it! Denise C., Willmar, MN

3/28/23 - So glad you are still selling these products! My daughter's eczema had cleared up for a long time, however her hands are having a flare up again, so I knew I needed to get some lotion from you! So glad you're still making this! Adrienne T., Scottsdale, AZ

3/15/23 -Awhile back I received one of your lotion bars...a gift from my dad and the BEST gift ever! Thank you for making this. Miranda E., Dawson, MN

3/13/23 - Love your product!! Rhonda K., Pevely, MO

2/11/23 - I received my lotion already yesterday! That was quick! I love your product! It's the only thing I use on my feet. Thanks again! Lois S., Pardeeville, IL

2/11/23 - I bought lotion from you two years ago and your product has helped my son's psoriasis when other prescription creams haven't. I was so glad to find your website! Thank you! Nicole C., Becker, MN

2/10/23 - Over 10 years ago I met you guys at the Fountain Hills, AZ art show and bought your lotion... LOVE IT! Glad I found you online to buy more! Chuck B., Glendale, AZ

2/7/23 - I bought your lotion years ago at the Schaumburg Festival for my daughter who had eczema and it worked wonders, nothing else we had ever tried, including steroids (which I wanted to avoid). As a family we have used your lotion for itchy or irritated skin. It is truly wonderful! I'm really glad you are still selling your products online! Kristina H., Schaumburg, IL

2/4/23 - I appreciate your product so much! Nancy M., White Bear Lake, MN

1/14/23 - I bought one of your lotions a couple years ago and ran out. I LOVE IT! I'm purchasing one for myself, and four more for friends to try. I'm sure I will be ordering more once they try it! Thank you!! Peggy G., Carmel, IN

1/6/23 - Good afternoon! I have used your product for years! It was given to me by a surgeon I worked with that knew of my horrible skin issues that were preventing me from scrubbing my hands and arms to assist in surgeries. It worked the best for my skin which cleared for at least three years with hardly any outbreaks. But now it's horrible again, so bad it gave me cellulitis months ago. I love your lotion and should never have quit using it. Thank goodness you still make it... what a blessing! Deb J., Waterloo, IA

1/3/23 - I was recently gifted a lotion bar in the tin for my eczema. I've been using it for 2 weeks now and can see results! I love this stuff. Thanks so much for your wonderful product!! Deb R., Brooklyn Center, MN

12/20/22 - Years ago I had pretty bad eczema, and I bought a lotion bar from you at a craft show someplace in Wisconsin. The lotion really helped. I lost track of my lotion until just recently when I had another flare-up, I found it again. My hands get so dry in the winter. I have to wear gloves where I work and couple that with Covid and all the antibacterial and hand washing, my hands have taken a beating the last couple years. I will never lose my bar again! It's the best! Echo G., Beaver Dam, WI

12/20/22 -We've used your lotion for years now and it's the only product that my husband uses for his dry hands and itching! Thank you. Teresa W., Scottsdale, AZ

12/20/22 - Your lotion is truly the BEST...in the WORLD! I'm 82 yrs old and have tried many lotions over the years! Don't ever stop making it. Elsworth M., Greenwood, IN

12/14/22 - I can't wait to get my order! We love your lotion stick and I'm replenishing our supply, for us, for my dad, for my son and for a patient's son. My son has eczema and my dad, my husband and my son also get racked toes and heels and sometimes fingers, and THIS works the best!! You have a great product! I will share your brochure! Ruth W., Long Prairie, MN

12/9/22 - Time to starting using and restock your incredible lotion... This is the only thing I can honestly say heals my cracked fingertips and feet, especially in the winter! Vicki E., Moorhead, MN

12/6/22 - your lotion; the best. Henry S., Homewood, CA

12/1/22 - A woman at work recently bought me a lotion bar in the tin for my eczema. I've been using it for 2 weeks now and can see results! I love this stuff. Thanks so much for your wonderful product!! Deb R., Brooklyn Center, MN

11/1/22 - Thank you so much for this product. It has been a game changer. Love it!! Rhonda K., Pevely, MO

10/4/22 - We bought your lotion years ago at a show in Lakewood, WI, and its been the only lotion that clears up my husband's psoriasis every time he gets a flare up! We are so glad we can still get this lotion. Thank you for continuing to make it and sell it! Diane P., Oconto Falls, WI

9/27/22 - Winter and dry hands are coming! That means it's time to order another one of the miracle lotion bars!! Please keep making your wonderful product; it's the ONLY thing that works on my dry hands during the winter!! Customer for life!!!! Thank you so much! Mark B., Little Canada, MN

9/20/22 - I tend to have dry skin, especially in the winter and I love how your lotion works. Right now I'm dealing with a patch of cracked skin and your lotion is the only thing that has been helping! Jane O., Spooner, WI

9/13/22 - I have dermatitis on my feet and I use your lotion regularly! Sue P., Fargo, ND

8/8/22 - I am so glad we can order your 'B' lotion on-line! I don't know what our family would do without this stuff. We've been buying from you for years up in Ely at the Blueberry Fest, and when we didn't see you there this year, my heart stopped... and then I went to your website! Thanks for continuing to offer your lotion for those of us who suffer with eczema. Judy O., Andover, MN

7/26/22 - I had been suffering for years with a skin issue called Linus planus. I've tried numerous OTC and Dr. prescriptions, nothing worked. Then I found lotion from Buckley Naturals. Amazing stuff... after a week, it cleared up my skin issue and when I get flare-ups, I put your B lotion on and it goes away now almost immediately. Hope you never stop making and selling this. It's been a life saver. Michaelene T., Janesville, WI

7/16/22 - I do have a tin of your lotion that I bought years ago but it's running out. I must have bought it at a market in Arizona unless you travel to shows in Canada. I had used it and really liked it when a skin irritation came up. I love the all-natural ingredients. It sat in a drawer for a year or two and I just remembered it when I had a patch of dry skin on my arm that would not go away. I had tried my husband's psoriasis medication to no avail and gave yours a try. It cleared it up in a couple weeks!! Far better than letting your skin absorb harsh chemical drugs! I have raved about your product to friends and when my stepson was visiting last week, I told him about it. My husband and him both have psoriatic arthritis and get regular flare-ups. I'm so glad I remembered about your bar. I'll send one to him and keep one for us. If another person comes along that can use it - I'll have a spare. Thank you for continuing to make this great product... and glad you ship to Canada! Carol P., Penticton, BC CA

7/8/22 - My husband and I couldn't get along without your lotion. Thank you for continuing to make it. It works on everything mentioned in your brochure, and then some! Mary Ann M., Grove City, MN

7/6/22 - I really benefit from using your product and my family and I am able to use it for so many different purposes (dry skin, mosquito bites, chapped lips, etc.! Thanks!! Bonnie J., Plymouth, MN

7/6/22 - This is the absolute BEST stuff!! Yvonne F., Devlin, ON, CANADA

7/4/22 - My 85 year old Dad has been using your lotion for years and swears by it! He's always used the large bar and now loves the twist-up tube. Denise P., Waseca, MN

7/1/22 - Thank you for your continued product. My family has depended on it. Wendy S., Wilsonville, OR

6/22/22 - I'm ordering 16 large bars, so we never run out of this lotion! It's truly the best (and I'm giving a couple to some friends)! Lewis K., Wooster, OH

6/14 - During the summer, my thumbs crack and my hands get so dry, but your lotion heals my skin! Thank you! Julie T., Monticello, MN

6/13/22 - I love your products! Vicky H., Howard Lake, MN

6/1/22 - I have been ordering your lotion for years and it helps alot with my eczema on my eye lids! Denis C., Willmar, MN

5/4/22 - Your lotion sticks are the only thing we're able to use on our kid's eczema and dry chapped winter hands. Their hands are especially chapped this year because of all the extra hand washing at school! Thanks for making this lotion! Melinda R., Mesa, AZ

5/1/22 - Some years ago, Buckley Naturals had a stand in Hayward, WI, at one of their festivals. My husband had been having trouble with psoriasis and was getting no relief from the dermatologist and various prescription medications, not to mention all of the over the counter products he tried. We came across your stand and decided he should try your lotion. It WORKED!! He has not been back to a dermatologist since and when he has an occasional flair up, he uses your lotion which heals his skin quickly. I'm so glad you are still making the B lotion bar! Sally N., Gordon, WI

4/18/22 - Anytime I talk to someone with skin issues or dry hands I let them know about your 'B' lotion for sure! Been a life changer for me!! Eric P., Teutopolis, IL

4/8/22 - My wife saw someone from your company at a craft show and she bought be a B stick of lotion to try on my feet. Nothing I've tried has helped me, but this stuff really works! Randy F., Otsego, MN

4/6/22 - I just received my order - Thank you!! You have a GREAT product! I used to live in Minneapolis and purchased your lotion at a show you were at, and I had great results! I recently retired and moved to Arizona. I ran out of your lotion and have been using an over-the-counter product, which, of course, isn't effective. I remembered your lotion and looked up your website (I kept my empty container so I could remember the name. I can't wait to start using it!!! Maggie A., Globe, AZ

4/4/22 - I forgot how much I love this product until I found my tin recently, and it took care of my eczema patch right away!! :) Tammy S., Bloomington, MN

3/28/22 - I need to order a couple of your lotions! I don't want to be without it! We're coming to Minnesota this summer and I'm hoping we can get together so I can thank you in person for making this stuff! Jim T., Fountain Hills, AZ

3/2/22 - Your lotion has been a miracle on my son's eczema. He had a really rough patch under his eye, and in the creases of his elbows and knees. We used the lotion a few times a day for a few weeks and it completely cleared it up! I tried sooo many different products with no luck. We are so thankful for this product!! Jennifer B., Isle, MN

2/22/22 - I put your lip balm under my nose when my allergies flare up! I continuously blow my nose and the skin under my nose gets so chapped and sore! Your lip balm is GREAT!

2/18/22 - I have an eczema issue and bought your lotion a few years ago in Fountain Hills, AZ. Your natural lotion worked so well and it has continued to as I need it occasionally over the years. I'm ordering this tube for a new younger friend I've made recently that has some face stuff/acne going on - something natural that also deals with the micro-organisms, as it has helped me!. Reto K., Payson, AZ

2/18/22 - Your lotion really works for my husband's psoriasis...bought it from you at Back to the 50's years ago. Tks! Lynette S., Rochester, MN

2/16/22 - I am so excited to get my order. My little 4yo son has been asking to put on his "special lotion bar" on his cracked hands or an owie! I love it! This truly is the best stuff out there! Thank you...excited to try out your lip balm too! Danielle L., Glenwood, MN

2/11/22 - Returning customer! I'm just about down to the last bits of my lotion bar and needed more!!! Your lotion is amazing!! Thank you! :-) Danielle L., Glenwood, MN

2/11/22 - I'm ordering 'this' lotion bar for my friend. She has diabetes and some bad sores on her feet! I immediately thought of your lotion bar to help her! Sandi B., Coon Rapids, MN

2/3/22 - Hi, it's me, Mark B. again, ordering another one of your miracle lotion bars!! As I always say, please keep making them, as it's the only product that works on my dry, "Winter" hands!! Thank you again, and take care!! Mark B., Little Canada, MN

1/31/22 - I bought your lotion years ago in Arizona to use on my itchy hives. It took the itch away right away, and then I didn't need to use it. Recently my boyfriend had terrible cracked and itchy hands, and I gave him some of your lotion to try and he is amazed on how it's clearing up his hands and took the itch away too! It's amazing! Thank you for continuing to make this stuff. Valarie L., Phoenix, AZ

1/17/22 - I am so happy I can still order your incredible lotion in tube. Many years ago, my sister in law, who had horrific plaque psoriasis used it on her legs and it totally went away! My sister lived in Maple Lake and that is how I head about you. My son is using it on his cracked hands, thank you for still being out there. Many blessings to you. Lori J., Champlin, MN

1/8/22 - LOVE Buckley's lotion tubes, always close by with ease to transport. It works better than any Rx on my eczema! Elizabeth, Fountain Hills, AZ

12/13/21 - I bought my first twist-up tube at the Buffalo Craft Fair, and I'm giving some now to relatives for Christmas gifts. Your lotion is the best ever! Thank you for making things. Carrie, Big Lake, MN

12/3/21 - I absolutely cannot live without your lotion! It's the only lotion that keeps my eczema under control. Natalie, Rochford, MN

11/16/21 - A number of years ago I bought your lotion bar in Arizona. My legs are terribly dry and I was using everything on the market, then remembered I still had some of your lotion bar left. I used it two times now and it has done wonders! Thank YOU! Barbara T., Nampa, ID

11/12/21 - Love your products! I am a return customer! Karen C., Milwaukee, WI

11/10/21 - We are very happy to support your business! We bought our first unscented lotion bar when I was having trouble with some weird skin condition that affected my palms and thumbs. We saw you at a show several years ago and thought I would give your product a try. I was amazed that it worked so well; it took the issue away and I haven't had it since! I had been prescribed several meds by the doctor and nothing worked. Now my husband has had a constant, annoying itch on his back, neck and shoulders. We have tried most everything available. Nothing has helped so I thought, wait, let me try my lotion stick. There is very little left so I used it gingerly. It seems to have helped!! He doesn't complain about itching as often and when he does I can now help by rubbing on the lotion. Also I have been using it on my elbows which itch, I think it's eczema, and it takes it away right away! So thank you for your products and I will recommend them to others! Sue P., Cotton, MN

11/6/21 - Dear Ms. Buckley, Good evening. I have been using your products since I was in 6th grade (now a senior in high school) and they save me every winter! I am beyond thankful for this product - it has boosted my confidence beyond belief as it resolves my rashes. We struggled for years to find something that truly helped, and your lotions do! Sincerely, Elsa T., Eden Prairie, MN

11/2/21 - Hey Susan, Thank you for sending my order and your email. Man, I still don't know what I would have done had I not met you and Steve. Seriously, so thankful to this day! I definitely pass on to any and every acquaintance or friend to tell them about your lotions. I carry one in my purse at all times, I have one in my kitchen I have one by my bedside and use it nightly to keep my skin hydrated! Ever since I started using Buckleys I have not had a single crack in my heels or hands!! No I sound like an infomercial, but it really is TRUE! You can't ever stop making it! :) So appreciative! Katy L., Coronado, CA

10/28/21 - Just getting my annual order of my FAVORITE products! Thanks again! Devon M., Elk River, MN

10/25/21 - I've been using the lotion twist-up product for years! It doesn't cure my condition, but makes it totally manageable and provides so much relief from cracking open and the itching on my feet. It's very pleasant and easy to use...doesn't stain or damage fabric. Karen S., Camdenton, MO

10/25/21 - Thank you so much. I love your products!! Rhonda P., Herculaneum, MO (she ordered 5 lotion twist-up tubes)

10/14/21 - When I was at the Little Falls Arts & Craft Fair, I listened to your pitch and bought a tube of your lotion, not sure how it would work for my skin issues. I LOVE IT!! Now I'm ordering two more tubes so I don't run out! Jill M., Richmond, MN

10/14/21 - Well, winter is on it's way, so time to reorder another one of your FABULOUS B Lotion Bars! Please keep making them, and I'll keep ordering them, as they're THE ONLY thing that works on my Winter-dry hands! Thank You so much!! Customer for life, Mark B., Little Canada, MN

10/14/21 - Amazing stuff! I bought a tube of lotion about 5 years ago at the 4th Avenue Street Fair in Tucson, AZ. It's almost gone now so I need to reorder! Thank you! Michael N., Tucson, AZ

10/10/21 - When I first started using the twist-up tubes, it was for my feet callouses. It was amazing for that. However, in the last year I've developed atopic dermatitis or eczema and have found your lotion is amazing to use on this as well! Love your natural products! Linda W., Fountain Hills, AZ

9/22/21 - Very nice owner of the company! This is the 3rd time I have purchased Buckley Naturals lotion! Their products are top notch! Thank you for taking my phone order! Dean K., North Liberty, IA

9/16/21 - What a great product! Thank you for making this! Dave S., Boise, ID

9/15/21 - I just recently found the tin of your lotion in a drawer. My son is having some dermatitis/eczema issues and I started using it on him and it is FINALLY clearing up after only a few days of using your lotion! I won't misplace this again!! Kristi O., Crosby, MN

9/15/21 - You were so very helpful and kind... I look forward to trying your lotion! Debra J., Clear Lake, MN

9/12/21 - I'll take SIX tubes - some for myself and others I give as gifts! Jackie L., St Cloud, MN

9/12/21 - This is the best stuff I've ever found to work on my heels and it's not greasy like some of the other lotions. Mary B., Little Falls, MN

9/12/21 - I bought a tube of this yesterday and like it so much I want a couple more to take home! Joan B., Cloquet, MN

9/12/21 - I'm in love with your stuff... Gwyn S., Pillager, MN

9/12/21 - I'm a vendor here and I'm having an eczema flair up... does this really work? I'm going to see how it is and if it works, I'll be back. A half hour later... I'm baaaaack! Stopped the itching within minutes! Mary A., Brainerd, MN

9/12/21 - I tried your lotion yesterday and just wanted to see how it worked overnight... I'm BACK!!! I want a couple tubes! Molly B., Duluth, MN

9/11/21 - I'm stopping by to get my lotion EARLY, which is the only reason I come to this show! It's the BEST! Carol S., Maynard, MN

9/11/21 - Oh good... you're here! Have to stock up on your lotion! Molly S., Stoughton, WI

9/11/21 - This is the only stuff that keeps my eczema under control! Nicole R., St Cloud, MN

9/11/21 - I've tried so many lotions, including others at this show, none of them work as well as your's does. Thanks for continuing to make this! Christina B., Bloomington, MN

8/17/21 - I drove all the way from Florida, then to Ely, MN, then to Minneapolis, and out to Buffalo, MN, just to buy some products from you guys!!! Your lotion, soap and lip balm are worth the drive!! Thank you for continuing to make great all natural products! Carol D., St. Augustine, FL

8/13/21 - Thank you for the wonderful surprise lip balm that you sent to me in the mail! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity. I will share your product story with others as I do believe they work on my skin issues! My grandson has to put lotion on his cheeks before he goes to bed at night all by himself. He likes that it doesn't burn like some lotions do! He can't go to bed without it! :-) Thanks so much! Annette P., Minneapolis, MN

8/6/21 - Love your products! My friends and family love getting Buckley products as gifts! Angela B., Scottsdale, AZ

7/15/21 - Your lotion keeps my eczema under control! Thanks! Micki T., Janesville, WI


7/11/21 - I purchased a lotion twist-up tube at the Little Falls Craft show years ago and really liked the lotion, especially because it helped with my eczema and rosacea. I unfortuntately, misplaced my tube and recently found it again! SO GLAD I FOUND YOUR WEBSITE TO STOCK UP! Lori B., Rockville, MN

7/6/21 - Love this balm for my heels! Janis S., Hugo, MN

6/11/21 - Wonderful product!! Thank you!! Debra C., Runnells, IA

6/9/21 - Thank you for the great service and an outstanding product. I appreciate that you are still working your business despite the hardship of last year. Looking forward to restocking in person at the Little Falls Craft Fair in September! Jennifer H., Andover, MN

6/3/21 - Continue to love your products. Hope that you and your families are all well. We've had a healthy year and are truly blessed. Pamela P., Aitkin, MN

6/1/21 - I love your products. Hubby has chronic eczema dermatitis. Your products help tremendously. Thank you for making great MN products! Jana J., Brooklyn Center, MN

5/28/21 - Your lotion is great for my problem skin! Thanks for making it! Cedric S., Thorp, WI

5/12/21 - Thank you for making such an awesome product! My daughter suffers with an awful keratoderma condition and your lotion gives her such relief! Thanks again! God Bless. Susan M., Murrieta, CA

5/12/21 - I need to restock on lotion... only thing that keeps my feet nice and callouses GONE! Rayco S., Peoria, AZ

5/5/21 - I tell everyone about your lotion bar and what it's done for Steve and myself!! It has truly saved me. I can wear my flip flops & my feet look great! I'm forever indebted to you guys. I can't thank you enough!! Roxanne L., South Haven, MN

4/27/21 - Your product is THE ONLY stuff that works on my heel cracks and I LOVE it! Can hardly wait for my order! Trish C., St George, UT

4/22/21 - Love your lotion! I am pregnant and have used it to help with itchy stressed belly and it's been amazing! Sara L., Manitowoc, WI

4/20/21 - I continue to sing praises of your lotion product whenever and wherever I can! Daniel R., Salem, OR

4/18/21 - I bought a lotion tube a couple years ago and need to reorder! I love how you only need a little bit at a time and it lasts... Jean G., Prior Lake, MN

3/21/21 - I still love your product as much as the very first time I used it... years ago! Thanks! Rachel M., Gilbert, AZ

3/20/21 - I'm sending this lotion bar to another friend in need! Thank you so much for continuing to offer this wonderful product! Jessica K., Willmar, MN

3/19/21 - I love this stuff! Thank you! Terry E., Phoenix, AZ

3/18/21 - I want to thank you for the wonderful surprise (lip balm) that you sent to me in the mail. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity. I will definitely share your product story with others as I do believe they work!! My grandson has to put lotion on his cheeks before he goes to bed at night all by himself (he is only 2 yrs old). He likes that it doesn't burn like some lotions do! He can't go to bed without it! Thanks so much!! Annette P., Alexandria, MN

3/17/21 - One of my coworkers introduced me to your products. I am very excited to receive my own! We create and delivery gift baskets to many of our clients as a token of appreciation. I think your products would be a great item for our baskets. I will discuss this with my coworker and get back to you. I purchased an extra lotion tube for a friend who has psoriasis and am anxious to see how well it works. Thank you for your kind email. It was unexpected but VERY appreciated! Bret A., Mukwonago, WI

3/10/21 - You have good stuff! I have no more cracked heels. Your product keeps my psoriasis at bay. Calvin E., Rocklin, CA

2/23/21 - I purchased a twist-up lotion tube at a craft show some time ago. My grandson was having some eczema and dry skin issues, so I put some of my lotion on him and it was much better by morning! He has very light skin and gets red quite easily so it is great for keeping his skin healthy. Thank you so much for making such a great product. Annette P., Alexandria, MN

2/22/21 - I purchased your products several years ago at the Ely Blueberry Festival. GREAT STUFF!! That's why I'm ordering again!. Thank you for the pure ingredients. Jane W., Richland, WA

2/19/21 - When I was going through chemo 8 years ago, my aunt gave me one of your lotion bars and I really liked it. My fiancé has some dry skin that other lotion wasn't working on and he used what little was left of my 'B' bar and it was working great for him! I love your product so I thought I'd get a bunch for us, and will get more this year for gifts for other people too. It is amazing! Candice M., Otsego, MN

2/18/21 - Online Yahoo Rating: Excellent! Comments: Price Rating: Excellent; Shipping Options Rating: Excellent; Delivery Rating: Excellent; Ease of Purchase: Excellent; Customer Service Rating: Excellent; Title/Body: Great product, works much better than expensive prescriptions. Quick shipping service when order on line. It is very soothing on tender skin areas. Remember to spend time and massage it into your skin for best results. Liz230

2/17/21 - My friend and I were at the Mesa Market on Sunday and she raved about your lotion for her feet! I took a brochure from a booth there and after reading about your lotion, I decided to order. Excited to try it! Terri S., Mesa, AZ

2/16/21 - I have only used your lip balms before so this order I'm going to try your soap along with the rest of my order. I love that you make quality products from all natural ingredients. I wish you the best! Scott H., Spring Lake Park, MN

2/12/21 - My wife received one of your lotion bars as a gift a few years ago from a friend. She misplaced it and we didn't find it again until recently. She works as a Dental assistant and is washing and sanitizing her hands constantly at work. During the last few months or so, it has been worse as the washing and sanitizing is emphasized even more during her regular working day and because of that, her hands have become extremely dried out with the skin cracking and bleeding much of the time. She had been using a variety of lotions and salves to try and make this condition better including 'Working Hands' and 'Burts Bees'. In any given week her hands would have 2 to 3 cracks that had to be "sealed" with skin glue, one time even having more than 10! This was a regular occurrence for her for many months and she was just dealing with it the best she could. Then she found your product and decided to give it a try. She applied it to her hands 3 times a day for 2 days and we were amazed at the transformation! Her hands are not soft and supple and we are now sharing this product with others in her family that could also benefit from it! Thank you so much for this wonderful lotion and we will probably be purchasing it from ow on! Thanks! Garry B., Chandler, AZ

2/10/21 - A guy at my work had some of your twist-up tube lotion and I was talking to him about my skin issues. He had me try some of your lotion... I fell in love immediately! As you know, the Minnesota winters an be hard on the skin! I also have a small case of psoriasis, and along with getting older, I have developed an allergic reaction to most lotions, especially ones with lots of chemicals and perfumes in them such as bath and body works brand (not a fan of Christmas time when I get lotion as gifts!) I have also developed an allergic reaction to most common chapsticks, which again can be very frustrating. I am looking forward to your natural products and am always trying to find something natural while supporting small/local companies. I'm really hoping this works out... I can't wait to get my products! Katie O., Isanti, MN

2/4/21 - I have used Buckley for years on the bottom of my feet. It does more to relieve the sores and skin issues than any Dr or Rx that they prescribed. My dermatologist always asked me "still using that cream", yes it works for me. Eleanor K., Fountain Hills, AZ

1/30/21 - Your product is life changing for my son. Katie M., Grand Forks, ND

1/28/21 - Love your products! They help my eczema and rosacea on my face. Susan S., Monongahela, PA

1/27/21 - Hi again! I need another one of your absolute miracle, lotion bars!! I'm a super satisfied customer for about15 years now, and a Delivery Driver that got dry hands from the dry, vehicle heat in the Winter months. Not anymore, as Your's is a proven performer, and is THE ONLY product I have found that works to keep my hands from drying out! Thanks again so much, and don't ever stop making your fabulous product! Take care!! Mark B., St. Paul, MN

1/23/21 - I've gotta tell ya... I bought one of your lotion bars a few years ago up in Ely, but had misplaced it. I ended up buying some O'Keefe's hand stuff, and shortly after I put it on, my hands turned red and starting to itch so bad, and then got hives. I tried washing off the O'Keefes, and nothing seemed to work. I looked through cupboards and drawers looking for my Buckley lotion bar, and there it was! I put it on my hands, and the itching and burning stopped almost immediately and the redness went away!! Never again, will I misplace my Buckley lotion! I'm ordering 3 now so I never run out!!! Michael D., Ely, MN

1/20/21 - Have used this in the past and IT WORKS! Kate J., Anoka, MN

1/12/21 - I'm still promoting your lotion! It's the best thing since sliced bread! My skin has never been better! Betty F., Becker, MN

1/9/21 - Still liking your products that we bought years ago from you at Back to the 50's show in Minnesota! Kathleen A., DePere, WI

1/9/21 - I can't believe it... I received my very first lotion and it's working amazingly well for my eczema on my cracked hands and corners of lips. Thank you so much! Cheryl H., Calgary, AB, CA

1/3/21 - I have been using this particular lotion product for at least 5 years and is the only product that keeps my condition under control. Was so happy to be able to order online due to Covid - I do not like to venture out in public unless for work or groceries. Thank you for your services. Sandra A., Apache Junction, AZ

1/2/21 - I received a Christmas gift of your products, unscented lotion tube and a small bar in the tin, an unscented soap and a plain no flavor lip balm. I LOVE your products! I am a retired nurse, with numerous skin issues in addition to a sensitivity to lotions and scents in general! I am very interested in selling your products and would appreciate if you can give me a call back. I want everyone to be able to experience what I have! Thank you so much for making these all natural products. RH, Virginia, MN

12/31/20 - Three years ago I had some terrible kind of reaction to something and it affected my lips. For months and months they burned, swelled, peeled and hurt like crazy. I saw a dermatologist for it and put on some prescription that I had to use sparingly and only could use it short term. It didn't solve the problem. My sisters are from the Buffalo area and had heard about your products so they picked me up a tube. It worked wonderfully with my applying it several times a day and I finally had some relief. I still find that my lips flare up if I use anything else, so I have stayed with your product ever since. The last time I bought some was at a craft sale in Buffalo at your stand. My daughter is pregnant with her 4th child and is having lip issues now too. She suffers from very sensitive skin and pregnancy just sets off other problems for her. She is now using your product too, and things have improved! Thanks for being a part of our solution!! DE, Mankato, MN

12/31/20 - We discovered you and your amazing product in Tempe at the big show down there years ago. Now I get a couple tubes of lotion so my husband can have one for his feet and the others are kept, only to be used on non-feet body parts! Thanks for your great product and I wish all the best to you. With peace and gratitude, KI, Sedona, AZ

12/20/20 - Here's hoping 2021 will be a much better year for all of us! Love your product and brag it up when the occasion comes up... KB, Norway, ME

12/18/20 - I'm giving 6 of my lotion tubes as Christmas gifts to friends this year, and 6 I'm keeping for my family... I tell everyone about your lotion as we think it's the best! CR, Buffalo, MN

1217/20 - This product is truly the best I have used in over 20 years for the Eczema on my hands/feet. I am blown away at how well it works. Thank you so much!! RP, Herculaneum, MO

12/10/20 - I must be allergic to something in my laundry, maybe the detergent! I get a rash every so often and your lotion seems to be the only thing that gets rid of the itch and the rash. I am going to switch laundry soap! JB, Duluth, MN

12/9/20 - Thank you for your email on how to use the lotion. We first heard about Buckley's at one of your market shows in Mesa, AZ years ago. I've had problem skin for years and Buckleys relieves the dryness, soreness and itchiness and helps my skin to heal. The lotion is good for burns too! We actually had the pleasure of meeting you one time in AZ when you delivered 5 lotion bars to us at the Greenfield Village and Resort in Mesa. Merry Christmas and a healthy and safe New Year in 2021. BH, Callandar, ON, CA

12/5/20 - I've got the smoothest elbows in town! RL, Mesa, AZ

12/4/20 - I missed not seeing you and the Ely Blueberry Fest! I need three unscented tubes of lotion for me and an unscented bar of soap. I'm giving one as a Christmas gift to my nurse friend who has such terrible dry, cracked hands. I know she will love it! Your lotion is the only thing that keeps my skin clear. Happy Holidays! JF, Fairfield, IA

12/3/20 - My neighbor suggested I try your lotion because the doctors can't seem to clear up my rash with the stuff they prescribe me. I tried everything else, so I'm anxious to try your lotion. My neighbor sings you praises. LM, Alexandria, KY

11/25/20 - My sister orders your lotion for my brother-in-law and their daughter. They love it. I do data entry work and my son works outside. My hands are always bad around this time of year because of working with paper. I also have an auto-immune terminal liver disease. If I bump my skin and a scrape or cut is there, it takes forever to heal. Since your brochure says it helps with diabetic skin, my sister thought your lotion would be a good fit for me. My son has always had sensitive skin but doesn't like the feel of greasy ointments or heavy lotions with any type of scent. I also like the thought of it coming in it's own tin! I like buying from small business owners and am looking forward to giving it a try! JM, Fargo, ND

11/24/20 - Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving and blessed holidays. We are so 'thankful' for your products. Stay safe. CS, Lemont, IL

11/18/20 - My husband has terrible skin issues and your lotion has helped immensely!! We just recently moved across country and as I was unpacking, we found the tin of your lotion. It was perfect timing as his hands are getting bad again. We are almost out but after a week of using the lotion, they are almost all cleared up! Your products are amazing... we just don't want to ever run out! We will definitely recommend and pass on your information. Thanks again! DF, Las Vegas, NV

11/17/20 - We purchased your products several years ago at a craft show in Clara City. We have enjoyed them ever since and don't want to be without. Needing to stack up now! MD, Montevideo, MN

11/17/20 - I will definitely help promote your great products! They are the best! RL, South Haven, MN

11/16/20 - My friend has terrible psoriasis on one of her hands, and a few spots on her legs. Your lotion cleared up my psoriasis, so I wanted to send her one of your lotion tubes and a soap! I still have some of my lotion left... it lasts a long time! Thank you for sending this to her! AC, Cummings, ND

11/9/20 -My psoriasis is so much better from using your product. It is a God send to me! EP, Teutopolis, IL

10/15/20 - My husband has eczema and your lotion certainly works for him :-) Thank you! VA, Sioux Falls, SD

10/6/20 - Its that time of year that I'm scrambling to find my Buckley lotions for my whole family! We're especially in need of your products with the increased hand washing these days! Love them! DM, Otsego, MN (Ordered 3 lotion twist-up tubes, 2 lotion bars in the tins, and 3 lip balm)

10/6/20 - We love your soap! BJ, Maple Lake, MN

10/5/20 - My little daughter's eczema on her back has totally cleared up, her arm and cheek are just about cleared up as well, in only one week's time! Thank you for your lotion! HB, Elk River, MN

9/22/20 - My husband loves your lotion on his dry/cracked heels! SB, Deforest, IL

9/12/20 - A few years ago I spotted your booth at a festival in Wisconsin. There was a good sized group around it and curiosity took over! I didn't have to listen to a sales pitch as the others were talking between themselves about your products. I've had skin problems so I decided to look over the products and ended up with a lotion tube! It worked and my skin problems disappeared - and although I still have most of the tube remaining, I want to order more as I don't want to run out!! Thank you! LE, Farmington, MN

8/8/20 - As promised, I received my order on Monday. I just love your lotion and can't be without it!! Stay safe through all this craziness! JC, Sharon, WI

8/6/20 - I had blisters on my forehead from a baseball cap that I had recently worn that apparently had some mold inside the brim! After trying just a sliver of your lotion from my neighbor, I noticed it healed up almost instantly! I am now ordering a twist-up tube! SP, Cold Spring, MN

8/6/20 - I have very sensitive skin and this is the only product that has worked for me, including a red dye flare up after a tattoo last year. I have a ringworm diagnosis and was on oral pills but of course it's taken a long time to heal. I'm ordering this now as I am sure you're product will help me again! LM, Bloominton, MN

8/2/20 - I have been using for lotion for 8 years. I have severe psoriasis on my hands that started 8 years ago with numerous visits to the doctors and numerous medications and lotions that never worked. A friend of mine brought your product back from a show in Wisconsin Dells. Your lotion is the only thing that worked. My hands went from pictures on your brochure, from worst to good! Please dont ever stop making your product... and if you do I want to buy three cases before LOL. Thank you Thank you Thank you so much. God bless you! TJ, Delafield, WI

8/2/20 - Customer Feedback: All Ratings = Excellent, including Price, Shipping, Delivery, East of Purchase, Customer Service. Body: Great Product, used it for years on my Eczema. It provides more relief than all the Rx's that doctors have given me. The delivery is always quick and reasonable. EK, Mokena, IL

7/21/20 - I have very sensitive skin and this is the only lotion that has worked for me, including a red dye flareup after a tattoo last year. Now I have a ringworm diagnosis and was on oral pills but of course it is a long time to heal. I am sure your lotion will help me again. LM, Winsted, MN

7/14/20 - Don't know what we'd do without your lotion bars! CR, Yorba Linda, CA

7/13/20 - Your lotion bars help me keep my skin HEALTHY! Thank you! MW, Stainbach, MB Canada

6/16/20 - I love your lotion bar - with all the hand washing and sanitizing I do, it keeps my hands from being dry and painful! MS, Delano, MN

6/15/20 - My youngest has very rough and bumpy patches on his arms and legs that he picks at... I've found that your lotion helps keep him moisturized and he's not picking! Seems to make his rough patches smoother too! SS, St. Cloud, MN

6/12/20 - Yep...your lotion continues to be the best thing for my hands! Appreciate the work you guys do. Thanks so much! Blessings, GH, Zimmerman, MN

6/11/20 - Customer Feedback: EXCELLENT. Price Rating - Excellent; Shipping Options - Excellent; Delivery Rating - Excellent; Ease of Purchase - Excellent; Customer Service - Excellent; Body: LOVE the product, works like nothing else on my Eczema. Ordering is a breeze, communication quick, shipping quick and in mailbox in days! LK, Mokena, IL

5/28/20 - I love Buckley's Natural. I had terrible eczema on the bottoms of my feet. No amount of Dr. visits or TX could solve the pain and itch from the eczema. I met you guys at the Fountain Hills, Az show a few years ago and purchased a tube. It is the only way to calm down the eczema and itch. Years later, and it still works! EK, Mokena, IL

5/26/20 - Been using the Lotion Bar since July 2019. Not only has the psoriasis on my feet virtually disappeared within months, but also my toenails that prescriptions discolored, deformed, and cracked are returning to a healthy look with no cracks! Thank you!! JB, Duluth, MN

5/15/20 - We love your products and love buying MN Made! JJ, Brooklyn Center, MN

5/12/20 - We have had good success with your lotion! My kids seem to have grown out of their eczema skin issues, but now our grandkids are experiencing the same ... glad you are still around making this great, all natural lotion! SW, Mequon, WI

5/12/20 - My boss and friend loves your stuff! I have dry and cracked heels so I'm going to give your lotion a try! BS, LaVernia, TX

5/11/20 - Love your lotion and soap soooo much! Thanks! KM, Minneapolis

5/7/20 - Great product! Thank you! AB, Scottsdale, AZ

5/6/20 - Thank you guys for everything!! CS, Lemont, IL

4/30/20 - My husband has psoriasis so bad and a guy he works with SWEARS by your lotion so I'm having him try this! IL, Gilbert, MN

4/22/20 - I initially bought your lotion a couple years ago at the Ely Blueberry Festival, for our son, who has horribly cracked feet, eczema and Keratosis Pilaris. Since he has sensory issues (Autism), it took him awhile to get used to it, since anything new can be a slow process to get used to it! Needless to say, he cannot go without your lotion now! He let me know last week he needed more. He uses your product religiously! He was pretty excited the package came in the mail today! Thank you for the quick shipment and wonderful product! Its done more for him than all the expensive prescription based products we've tried for him! TV, Elk River, MN

4/11/20 - I learned of you from a friend back in 2018! She suggested your lotion for my daughter. She is in a wheelchair and gets skin breakdown on her chin from moisture and her headrest. It cleared up the spots so quickly. I then started using it on my super dry hands due to washing and hand sanitizing so often in caring for her. We are hooked! I bought extra this time to share with a friend who works in a hospital during this crazy pandemic. I think he will love it as well! I really appreciate the extra info you shared about your product... Great reminders! Thanks again for shipping so quickly! KT, Ramsey, MN

4/11/20 - Thank you for continuing to make this amazing lotion! We adore it. Love to you, JR, Ely, MN

4/10/20 - I am so excited to get your lotion bars! These are actually for a few friends because my spouse has been talking about your lotion bars for years and finally got me on board! LOVE the product soooo much! My wife is a nurse and she was given the lotion bar years ago by a patient or family member. SO lovely and wonderful! THANK YOU for your work in creating this lotion and let me know about your other products! KM, Minneapolis, MN

4/10/20 - I have used your lotion for years on my cracked heels. I love it. I always order extras to have one to give to someone in need when I can! LK, Rice, MN

4/9/20 - I heard about your lotion from a friend who had similar eczema on her hands, and recently I visited with her and it has disappeared completely! Mine is going away also. Especially important now that we wash our hands so often which dries the skin. I had been prescribed an ointment from the doctor, which has been somewhat effective as well, but so much messier in application! I prefer your stick, which is all natural ingredients! LS, Conrad, IA

4/3/20 - I would like to say Thank You. You run a great business, and seem to run it very well. I have only ordered one time, but have been very pleased with how you have helped me stay in the know of every detail. Even looking to see that I have never purchased this before and giving me guidelines to ensure I am using your product well. I supervise a group home and one of the individuals I serve uses the lotion bar on his feet every morning and night and you can tell if it hasn't been put on for a day or two. His feet get dry and crackly. Since my wife has dry feet as well, I asked his parents where they got the lotion and she emailed a link to your website! MO, St Cloud, MN

4/2/20 - A few years ago at a family party, a dear friend of mine noticed my cracked, bleeding fingers. She is a personal care provider and has dry hands from her work. She loves your lotion bar and gave me some to try. It works very well on my cracked fingers and heels. I am very sensitive to fragrances, so I really appreciate the unscented products you have. Thank you for making a great product. AC, Sauk Rapids, MN

3/18/20 - From Customer Feedback on order: Rating: Excellent for Overall, including Price, Shipping Orders, Delivery, Ease of Purchase, Customer Service. Message: Always great customer service and response time. LOVE their products and have recommended and shared them with several friends and family. TW, Watertown, SD

3/12/20 - My husband has been using your lotion for years!! The Drs at the VA couldn't help, but your lotion does! BB, Wisconsin Dells, WI

3/11/20 - Thank you for making this product... my son has terrible eczema and this is the only lotion that helps him! JK, Valley Center, CA

3/7/20 - Hi there... testimony! We are in Florida and I used some expired sunscreen (I know, stupid!) and I developed an itchy rash... your roll-on lotion has done wonders... so healing! GS, Little Falls, MN

3/4/20 - Love your products and continue to introduce them to family and friends! I like to keep an extra lotion bar on hand and recently gave it to my nephew who complained of dry, cracking feet. He's been using it for about a month and is very pleased with the results. TW, Watertown, SD

3/5/20 - All of this hand washing is not doing my hands any good! With colds going around the office, hand washing is a must. I try to avoid antibacterial soaps and sprays. Your lotion is amazing! Thank you for sending it so quickly! SS, Monongahela, PA

3/3/20 - This is my third time ordering from you and I just LOVE your product! I am trying some of your soap and lip balm this time, in addition to ordering a tube and bar. This lotion is the ONLY thing that soothes my hands from an eczema break-out! SS, Monongahela, PA

3/2/20 - As always, I LOVE these lotion bars!! SA, Mesa, AZ

3/1/20 - I ordered a tube of your lotion about a month ago and can't believe how my psoriasis has cleared up. I'm ordering two more now just so I have some on-hand for when I have a flare-up. Thank you! AA, Pulaski, VA

2/13/20 - I love your lotion... has done wonders on my dry feet, especially heels... and we love your soap too! GS, Little Falls, MN

2/3/20 - I have extremely sensitive skin and for as long as I can remember, every soap or body wash has made me itch immediately after a bath or shower. For the longest time, I just accepted it and figured that nothing would work. But there has been a huge influx of natural products and over the last 18 months, I've been trying new natural soap and lotion products... now the search is over! I LOVE your Buckley Natural products!! CR, Denver, CO

2/2/20 - I like ALL of your products! Have used them on my dry and rough spots as well as burns and scrapes for years now. Never a disappoint! Thanks! BN, Coronado, CA

2/2/20 - Still works great! JB, Duluth, MN

1/23/20 - I bought some of your lotion at a craft fair awhile back. It has been the only thing that has worked for my cracked hands for as many years as I can remember. And I tried every product out there. I am very thankful to have found yours! I am a waitress and with washing my hands frequently plus the dry winter air, your lotion is always with me. It prevents the skin by the nails from cracking open and bleeding. I am actually taking a small chunk to share with a coworker after she shared having a similar issue with her hands! LN, Minneapolis, MN

1/20/20 - You guys are a blessing to me. Your product has literally changed my life. It has helped heal my psoriasis damaged skin and helps keep my 'spots' nice and smooth, not scaly and itchy! EP, Chicago, IL

1/20/20 - I have 3 girls over 30 years old. They robbed my lotion bar (lol). Thank you for making wonderful products that are MN made! JJ, Brooklyn Center, MN

1/14/20 - I bought your lotion at a flea market in Mesa, AZ years ago for my husband's psoriasis. He had been using it everyday and unfortunately did not let me know he was out of the lotion and now his psoriasis is flaking and very red again. I happened to take a picture of your container before he used it all up and threw it away. Thankfully, I had the picture to refer back to so I could order! He says now that his elbows are the best they have ever been when using your lotion!! Glad that it is Minnesota-made, too! MB, Minneapolis, MN

1/13/20 - I've had my lotion for a while now and can't tell how much I have left in the tube. This is one thing I never want to run out of and want to stock up now! Thanks for your product! DB, Brooklyn Center, MN

1/11/20 - My son can't go a day without your product! We are so very grateful your husband came up with this lotion. We will always be customers as long as you are making and selling it! Thanks for your great service, too! KM, Grand Forks, ND

1/8/20 - My mom introduced her three kids to your lotion. I've had the stick for quite awhile and did not want to run out! Thanks for your great product, and your nice response to my order. Its a nice personal touch that makes me feel even better about my purchase! DG, Brooklyn Center, MN

12/17/19 - Your lotion has changed my life! I have had peeling hands ever since I moved to Minnesota. I think the stress of the move and going from city water to a well. I tried everything and also went to my dermatologist. She gave me a prescription that didn't work. She really couldn't tell me what I had. All I knew was it only affected my hands (actually fingers). They would peel for about 2-3 weeks then be fine for 2 weeks, then do it again. This has been going on for 4 years. I was very embarrassed and didn't want anyone to see or shake my hand. This lotion has helped tremendously. It isn't completely healed but 80% better! I think in time, they will heal 100%. I love it! Thank you so much for his amazing product and sharing your husband's story! CM, Stillwater, MN

12/14/19 - My husband always has cracked thumbs this time of year... your lotion is the BEST we have found! Merry Christmas! BS,Rush City, MN

12/4/19 - Years ago I had been struggling with a painful, dry sore thumb for two weeks and it wasn't responding to any lotions I tried. I mentioned it to a friend and she lent me her 'B' lotion and said it would get better in a week - IT DID! I ordered my friend one and one for myself of course! I am THRILLED to be a fan of your product and can attest it works!!! (I am a nurse and wash my hands a million times a day and need help every winter!) Thanks again for making a great product! MZ, Libertyville, IL

12/2/19 - I bought one of your lotions a couple years ago at a craft sale for my daughter's terribly dry elbows. Nothing seemed to help her but your stuff DID! She has since been so much better... I'm ordering this now for her Christmas stocking, and one for myself as well. So glad I found you online and you're still around! Thanks so much! TK, Becker MN

12/1/19 - Your lotion is the only thing we have found to work on my daughter's eczema. Thank you! PS, Shell Lake, WI

11/26/19 - I received my lotion today! I was visiting my sister and her family this past summer and went to the Ely Blueberry Festival and came across your booth. I bought a couple twist-up tubes of your lotion. I fell in love with it!!! If there is some way I can help from the Indianapolis area, please let me know!! Thank you for your prompt and kind service, too! PS, Indianapolis, IN

11/23/19 - My husband requested your lotions for one of his Christmas presents! It really works for him and he so appreciates it! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! SH, Montrose, MN

11/21/19 - Love this lotion... my heels are SO HEALED! JS, Hugo, MN

11/20/19 - I love your lip balm and I'm absolutely amazed at how well your lotion has helped my psoriasis! TB, Phoenix, AZ

11/13/19 - I have psoriasis (which seems to be getting worse) that my doctor prescribed some steroid cream for. After using the steroid cream for a while I broke out in perioral dermatitis which was just awful. Then I met you guys. Your lotion has helped my skin immensely. It does make a difference! MJ, Duluth, MN

11/13/19 - Miss you at the car shows. LOVE your products! DC, Ham Lake, MN

11/13/19 - My three grandchildren and I love your B lotion. But our daughter who lives in New Zealand just asked me to order more for her. She loves it too! VH Howard Lake, MN

11/13/19 - it's that time of year again when I need to order another one of your fabulous lotion bars. Again, it is the only thing I've found to work on my winter-dry hands. Thank you SO MUCH for making this, and PLEASE continue to do so! Customer for life! MB, Little Canada, MN

11/10/19 - WOW - I ran out of my lotion 2 weeks ago and debated ordering more, even though I've been using your product for years. My heels already look terrible. I should have known better. Your product IS STILL THE BEST! PP, Aitkin, MN

10/27/19 - Been using your product for several years. The ONLY thing I've found that works. Thanks. AK, Penguilly, MN

10/19/19- This is the second tube of lotion I have ordered! I am doing so much better on a dairy-free diet, but occasionally I will slip up and have a flare-up. This lotion is the best for my eczema!! SS, Monongahela, PA

7/7/19 - Update... your lotion arrived on Friday. Today is Sunday morning, and my skin is like 50% already! I got some kind of a rash that kept growing. How many various creams/other things have I tried to kill it while waiting for your good stuff - like 5-6, including pure coconut oil (FYI) Anyway, it's healing and I'm grateful to your husband's determination! The other creams I've been given by dermatologist is a crime. Please thank your husband, and I honor and thank you, for supporting him in doing work that's needed so that I could/can have it. RK, Fountain Hills, AZ

6/28/19 - Customer Service, Wait Time and Quality of product - the BEST. Very nice owners of the company. This will be my third time I have purchased from Buckley Naturals. Their products are top-notch. RD, Columbus, WI

6/15/19 - Customer Feedback - Rating: Excellent! I have been using their Lotion bars for several years and love them! I live in the desert and they are lifesavers! KM, Scottsdale, AZ

6/7/19 - I LOVE this stuff! It really works well on my hands. WZ, Wisconsin Dells, WI

6/2/19 - Just wanted to take a moment for thanking you for developing this incredible lotion. It has been a godsend for my husband's psoriasis on his elbows and feet! Thank you! TK, Lexington, SC

5/27/19 - I bought your lotion for the severe eczema that my son has. We have tried everything and nothing has worked. My 7-year old son LOVES your lotion - it stopped his itching and had healed his skin in almost three days! Can't say enough good things about your lotion! KS, Delano, MN

5/21/19 - Customer Feedback - Ratings in all areas: Excellent. I could not live without these products. Over the last 4 years I have used them to clear all kinds of skin issues and rely on them to keep my face clear with a horrible rash that occurs around my lips when I am stressed or under pressure. Even the dermatologist could not relieve my pain but Buckley's lotion product not only relieves the pain, but also clears up the rash a day after it starts! I am so thankful I found this product at the Little Falls craft fair and even more thankful I can purchase online. JH, Brainerd, MN

5/10/19 - My 13 yr old daughter has suffered with eczema her whole life and we are always looking for something to heal it or at least soothe it. Often a lotion will work for awhile and then it won't. She really LOVES your lotion!! HL, Chisholm, MN

5/2/19 - I love your lotion for my dry heels, especially since sandal season is coming!! NW, Rolette, ND

4/22/19 - I bought your lotion from you at the Friendly Buffalo in Big Lake recently and I AM SOLD!!! It worked so well on my heels! No more cracks! And then I broke my ankle and had surgery. As soon as they cut the cast off and gave me a boot I've been putting your lotion on my incisions as they were drying. I really believe they are healing much better because of this! I need more! JK, Big Lake, MN

4/9/19 - Helps my husband's elbows! JF, Green Bay, WI

4/1/19 - Thank you for your fast shipping! I bought one of your lotion twist-ups at the Little Fall show almost two years ago for my husband, and he swears by it!! I'm ordering one now for his dad! Thank you for such an amazing product! SD, Randall, MN

3/30/19 - I drove all the way from Melrose, MN to pick up my daughter in Elk River, so we could come here to your show in Plymouth, and pick up TWO of your gift sets! We love all your products!! ST, Melrose, MN

3/30/19 - Here you are! I checked your website and drove here to this show, just to pick up some products... EP, New Hope, MN

3/24/19 - I bought a twist-up in September and can't believe how well it cleared up my skin! Thank you for making this lotion! SD, Burtrum, MN

3/21/19 - I hope this order isn't too large! We just love your products so much! MD, Montevideo, MN

3/17/19 - I have psoriasis and my hubby has neuropathy and extremely dry skin! I read comments on Facebook and am so anxious to try your lotion! RF, Alexandria, KY

3/7/19 - We LOVE your products! I always try to purchase Minnesota Made products, and you have some of the BEST. My only problem is that I have to always order Hubby his own or he borrows mine and forgets to return it! LOL Thank you for making great Minnesota Made products! JJ, Brooklyn Center

3/2/19 - Love this product! BW, Monticello, MN

2/18/19 - I bought your lotion at the Friendly Buffalo on 2/9/19 and I can't believe how great it is working! In that short of time, my heals are almost totally healed and I love the silky feeling my shins have when I put this on! Thank you! I will continue to buy your product. JK, Elk River, MN

2/16/19 - I bought a tube of your lotion at Wisconsin Dells this past September and I like the product!! Good stuff! JD, Sun Prairie, WI

2/15/19 - I really really REALLY love your lotion! DK, Delano, MN

2/11/19 - LOVE your products! LW, Lino Lakes, MN

1/29/19 - We purchased one of your lotion sticks at a corn festival years ago in Mendota, Illinois. My husband has bad eczema real bad and your lotion helped him a BUNCH. My son has it as well and we are giving one of these to him. Thank you! JB, Joliet, Ill 1/28/19 - I love, love, love your products! Did I say I love your products? I originally purchased your lotion years ago in Warrens, WI at Cranberry Festival. At that time I needed it for dry hands, since that time, I have developed Type 2 diabetes. It is the ONLY product I have found that can consistently keep my feet from drying and cracking. Thank you so much! SHC, Racine, WI

1/26/19 - Just got info from a friend about your products! She swears by them. We have a 23 yr old granddaughter with continual breaking out on her face, so I'm hoping your product would be helpful for her. She is a nurse and is very much into eating organic and taking proper supplements. I am hoping this will help her. Thank you. DR, Rochester, MN

1/1/19 - My daughter purchased your lotion for me and I tried it even on my lips! And my eczema loves it too! SL, Chisholm, MN

1/1/19 - Thank you for the nice email letting me know when my order is expected to arrive. Clearly you are customer oriented! I bought my first tube from you this past summer and you were very nice and explained how much it did for your husband. I have very dry skin on my feet and also seem to have some kind of dry peeling skin affliction that happens on my hands about every 6 weeks or so. Your lotion has been very helpful for both. My wife likes it so much after trying it once that she uses it all the time as well. And two of her sisters have come to like it too! Thanks for making this! RA, Big Lake, MN

12/30/18 - My order came so promptly! Thank you... this order is for gifts for others and me. My daughter is loving your lotion too! First time ever my hands don't feel like sandpaper through this winter! Thank you! KJ, Portage, WI

12/20/18 - My husband has tried many things throughout the years for his psoriasis, without much luck... but this product works wonders for him! TS, Minocqua, WI

12/19/18 - My wife and I have been using the lotion from Buckleys for years and love it. Its the only thing we've ever found that heals the cracked skin on our feet and hands! AK, Penguilly, MN

12/18/18 - Could you send me more brochures? I have been promoting (recommending) your "B" lotion to a lot of folks after they have noticed my skin's improvement! LS, West Union, IA

12/18/18 - Customer Feedback: Rating; Price; Shipping; Delivery; Ease of Purchase; Customer Service: All EXCELLENT! Comments: This is my second purchase online from Buckley Naturals/S Buckley Enterprises. I found their products at a craft fair and they have been a valuable addition to my self care practice that I wanted to share them with my family members. So everyone is getting the lip balm, and a few are getting the lotion bar and soap for hard working calloused hands and feet. I feel the products are excellent and they have cured me of some very unpleasant skin issues in the last two years. I highly recommend these products! JH

12/10/18 - Thank you for selling this! I heard about you through a friend, and have been very happy with your products. Now I'm buying for family as well. Thank you! AW, Otsego, MN

12/8/18 - My husband is having good results with your lotion. He is running low and I would like to reorder. Thank you! TJ, Aurora, MN

12/6/18 - I actually just had psoriasis rear its ugly head in March of this year. I am 45 years old, so I am not dealing well with it. I have been reading some support groups on Facebook looking for suggestions since I have tried so many things. Somebody on there had a link to your website stating that they have had such great luck with your products. I thought why not try something new from people close to home. I read the testimonies on your site and got very excited! I did start Humira 2 weeks ago because my body is pretty covered, but I would love to get some relief before that decides to kick in. TK, Eau Claire, WI

12/5/18 - I have eczema on my hands, quite severe this time of year. Your lotion is working wonderfully, in two weeks! My husband and daughter are using it as well and they love it too! VH, Howard Lake, MN

12/5/18 - I'm giving your lotion sticks to some of the men on my Christmas list because it's unscented and it seems less 'girly' than regular lotion - PLUS I swear it's turning my hobbit feet into human feet again!! Thanks for a great product!! AH, Eagan, MN

12/4/18 - I purchased a lotion stick at a show last September and need some more! My skin, especially my face/forehead area gets so dry and I find your lotion sure helps! DB, Chicago, IL

11/25/18 - LOVE this lotion bar, it's the absolute BEST! I'm a nurse, I don't know what I would do without it! I'll be sure to sing your praises at work! Happy Holidays! AB, Minneapolis MN

11/20/18 - I bought some lotion from you in July for my terribly dry knees. Works wonders! I still have light patches of dryness, but I would say they are 90% better! Have been using on my husband's feet recently and he says the lotion is amazing! I'm buying more for us at home and one for a lady I work with who washes her hands a lot due to working with students! Thanks for a wonderful product! JH, Albertville, MN

11/24/18 - Love this lotion! It has healed my cracked fingertips almost overnight! MH, Anoka, MN

11/24/18 - Wishing you a Merry Christmas! Thanks for a great product! CS, Lemont, IL

11/21/18 - I sure like your products! Hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving! MD, Montevideo, MN

11/21/18 - 5 STARS! Wonderful product and wonderful people! I highly recommend their lotion!!! DD, Waverly, MN

11/19/18 - I love your lotion... it is the best thing that I have found for my chapped winter hands! DE, Adams, WI

11/10/18 - My sister told me about your lotion, and she is right - I, too, found it to be GREAT! Thank you! KJ, Anoka, MN

11/10/18 - I am a long time user of your lotion! It's taken a while to run out as it lasts a long time and now I need more. I've told several friends about your wonderful product. Best thing I've ever used on my cuticles and hands, especially in the winter. Now my husband is clearing up his dry skin on his feet! And the tube is a great applicator!! LH, Brainerd, MN

11/9/18 - My mother just started experiencing eczema and saw you at the Little Falls craft fair... your product completely healed her skin after a little while of use! So we know your recipe works and now that my boyfriend also has it, I just had to get some lotion for him! TR, Duluth, MN

11/9/18 - I am in LOVE with your lotion! MB, Longmont, CO

11/9/18 - It's the Minnesota 'dry' time of year again, so here I am buying another of THE BEST remedies for my dry hands. I'm a Delivery Driver, and my hands got dried out buy the heat and defrost in the delivery vehicle, but NOT since I discovered this "wonderbar" about 12 years ago. PLEASE continue making this AWESOME product!! Thank you! MB, Little Canada, MN

11/8/18 - After ten or more years I have tried every lotion I can think of and nothing has worked on my psoriasis. The palm of my hand gets dry, crack, skin thickens and the skin peels off. My daughter got your lotion for me at the Blueberry festival this year. I am so glad she found you! EA, Waseca, MN

11/3/18 - I'm ordering this for my son's scalp psoriasis. My daughter gave him some of your lotion awhile ago and he swears by its healing of his psoriasis and it stops his scalp from itching!! It works excellently for him and I thank you for making it! PP, Waucoma, IA

11/3/18 - The lotions just arrived! Thanks so much for the speedy service! I've turned a few people onto your wonderful lotion... makes a good Christmas gift too! Thanks again! MK, Chippewa Falls, WI

11/2/18 - I have purchased your lavender scent before and LOVE IT!! I am purchasing more for me as well as some Christmas gifts for my friends! JC, Roselle, IL

10/30/18 - Love your product and it's healing power. RC, Chicago, IL

10/4/18 - I have severe psoriasis on both my arms and legs. I bought a lotion tube from you the middle of September, and started using it on just one side of my body and could see a difference after a week on the arm - the visual impact wasn't as great yet on the legs. However, in both cases, I have not had the problem of my skin drying out and hurting! I need some more!! I've only been using it a couple times a day but am going to use it three times a day as suggested. I am hopeful it will clear up my skin! Thank you! DB, Madison, WI

10/3/18 - I don't know what I'd do without your lotion for my psoriasis! CG, Watertown, SD

9//10/18 - I bought a twist-up lotion at the Ely Blueberry Festival the end of July and my psoriasis has all cleared up already in less than 2 months! Thank you! BO, Virginia, MN

9/2/18 - Thank you for making/selling a product that works quickly to heal my cracked summer feet! I am so grateful and will purchase more next year when summer season arrives! And thank you for your extra customer service too! LJ, Holcombe, WI

8/31 - Thank you for your quick service! I bought your lotion at the Ely Blueberry Festival. It works great on my keratosis! I want my sister in Chicago to try it so I'm buying an extra one to send her. Thank you for this wonderful product! TG, Buhl, MN

8/29/18 - Do you offer any bulk order deals? I will be making a larger order near Christmas for gifts and want to give out your lotion! I look forward to getting this order! I have a friend who not only has psoriasis and eczema, but a condition on her hands that the doctor hasn't helped her with! Vitamin D3 has helped some with the eczema/psoriasis but not with the other issue. I told her I would get some "B" stick to try. It has been so helpful for me and another friend's psoriasis! Thank you for your prompt reply and service. Thank you for a product that has become my 'go to' skin healer! DS, Coleman, WI

8/29/18 - Several years ago I bought a lotion tube from you at the NYA craft fair; I have really liked it over the years. I'm buying a couple now to give one to my cousin. Thank you for your prompt shipment! HT, Cokato, MN

8/28/18 - A friend of mine who swears by your product, has suggested I try your lotion and I can't wait to get it! LB, Washburn, WI

8/24/18 - We first purchased your product years ago at the Mesa Market. We looked for you last year but unfortunately couldn't find you. So now I'm placing my first on-line order. We did buy a similar product in Nashville... didn't even compare! Your's is MUCH better!! ML, Orlando Park, IL

8/15/18 - I bought some of your unscented lotion a couple years ago. I have a serious issue with my left foot - I really liked using your lotion stick and ran out awhile back - I NEED your lotion! AS, Fountain Hills, AZ

7/30/18 - Thanks again for making such great products! CS, Lemont, IL

7/30/18 - My father has used your products for years for his psoriasis. My husband now has issues with sulfates and I ordered some of your soap for him and he loves it! I'm now getting a lotion twist-up tube for me. I've started having some issues with heat rash. We ride horses and wearing long socks and boots in the heat of the summer is starting to get to my legs. Hydrocortisone helps but prefer to use natural products. Noticed on your website you have lip balm and will try that in my next order. Also want you to know that I really appreciate the personal service - very rare these days of Amazon & Walmart! LS, Clarkston, WA

7/30/18 - Your unscented lotion tube is awesome stuff! RT, Newport, MN

7/27/18 - Love this stuff! MS, Hinton, IA

7/22/18 - My mom recently bought your twist-up tube in hopes to help my eczema. I have been suffering from eczema since I was little and have never found anything that worked for me, it was very discouraging. When my mom told me she ordered this I have to admit I was skeptical at first and thought it would be just like anything else I tried before. But to my surprise, after only TWO days of using your lotion, I have noticed major improvements, it really is a miracle! I'm beyond amazed and would like to personally thank you for making everyone's lives who suffer from those skin conditions so much better! Keep up the good work and I will be spreading the word!! IM, Chicago, IL

7/19/18 - Customer Feedback on Website... Ratings: All EXCELLENT. Comment Body: I found Buckley Naturals at the Little Falls Arts & Crafts Fair a couple years ago, and I originally bought their lotion for my daughters calloused hands and feet. It worked very well and she used up all that we bought except for the lip balm. Recently I was having a reaction to something I ate or something I used on my face or lips. Not know what caused the red itching and peeling around my lips, I quit using everything and the ring around my lips worsened. My daughter suggested I try her lip balm and it cleared up the unsightly ring from my lips! In fact it made my lips soft and smooth. I knew I wanted to continue using it so I purchased more just by going to their website listed on the side of the lip balm tube. Their service is great and their product is even better. It is all natural and is antifungal and antiviral which I believe is why it worked for me. I would high recommend their products!

7/17/18 - I purchased your bug spray and lotion at the car show in Minnesota recently. I, as well as my friends, tried the spray and enjoyed it very much - to keep the mosquitoes from biting and I like the smell of it. Summer isn't over so I might as well stock up. Like the lotion too! JS, San Antonio, TX

6/22/18 - I had a condition on my palm that was very itchy, dry and cracked. Had it for over a year. Tried everything, including steroid cream. It took awhile to get rid of it, but your lotion DID clear it up! I kept the container and have a small piece left. I started feeling the itching again so have started to use that small piece. Glad I still had the container so I had info on how to reorder some more lotion! I love using natural products, and now I'm going to try your lip balm too! SP, Cotton, MN

6/11/18 - I love your lotion - it has done what the doctors couldn't, clear my eczema. Every visit to the dermatologist he ask the same questions as he looks at my feet, 'still using that Buckley stuff on your feet?' I smile and say "yes"... and smile cuz he can't write me a prescription! EK, Mokena, IL

6/8/18 - I gotta tell you... we bought a lotion from you years ago in Wisconsin. It was like a miracle for treating my psoriasis/eczema at that time. Unfortunately years later, it has come back. So grateful to find that you are still making and selling this great product! Thanks again! DW, Franklin, TN

6/1/18 - I am a highly pleased customer with plaques psoriasis! Thank you for a product that works and is easy to use! SF, Hilham, TN

5/30/18 - I am so impressed with your lotion that I am ordering one for my mother! VH, Miltona, MN

5/22/18 - I am a repeat customer and I use your lotion for my eczema. Eczema runs in my family and I bought one of your lotion tubes for my sister on my last order and this order I am sharing with my daughter for her and my little grandson who has eczema. She is all about the all natural products. Thank you for making this! JS, Round Lake, IL

5/22/18 - I ordered three tubes of your incredible lotion because I need a replacement for my husband (he has been having bad cracking in one foot) who used my stick, and I am introducing it to my uncle, and I want one of my own. Now everyone in my family will have it on their bedside! We LOVE the product! LK, Rogers, MN

5/18/18 - My hubby agrees with Steve. This is good stuff! I am ordering one for each of us so he leaves mine alone (lol). Thanks for your wonderful, "MN Made Products!" JJ, Brooklyn Center, MN

5/16/18 - I love your lotion! I haven't ordered for a while as it lasts a long time, so I am happy that you're still around! SG, Philadelphia, PA

5/9/18 - I bought a tube of your lotion in AZ last year at an ART show venue. I remember a big fountain shooting out of the lake like really high. I'm running out! I really like it! Does wonders for dried out contractors knees, hands, arms, legs and elbows. Especially since my old youth is not producing what my skin needs anymore! Great Natural Lotion! CE, Rocklin, CA

4/18/18 - My wife and I saw you at the show in Wisconsin Dells last year and she bought some of your lotion then. It has been the BEST thing for her psoriasis and she's very happy with your product! RJ, West Bend, WI

4/9/18 - I have psoriasis on my elbows and knees, and your lotion works so well to keep it calmed down! Thank you! BG, Sparta, WI

3/6/18 - Thanks for the great products! I love your lotions and lip balm!! TW, Watertown, SD

3/3/18 - I have extremely sensitive skin and as long as I can remember, every soap or body wash made me itch immediately after a bath or shower. With the huge influx of natural products, over the past 18 months I've been trying new natural bathing products - nothing has worked to stop the post-shower itching. I spoke with a friend and she suggested I try some soap from your company... I can't wait to test it out! CR, Chicago, IL

3/1/18 - Thank you. Love your product and share it with many of my friends and family! RB, New Richmond, WI 2/24/18 - I bought my husband a twist-up tube for his psoriasis that he had all over his torso and after a month it was almost gone. This is good stuff! CU, St Cloud, MN

2/14/18 - My son no longer needs steroid cream for his eczema because of your lotion! I use this lotion as well just because. I cannot say enough good about your product! LM, Wisconsin Dells, WI

2/13/18 - Love your B Naturals lotion! It does more than all the RX's to eliminate eczema on the bottoms of my feet! No side effects either! EK, Macon, GA

2/10/18 - I got your lotion today and am so excited to try it! A woman I work with told me about it and sent me your link. I told her I usually us Working Hands and she said this is so much better so I might as well give it a try! I prefer to use all natural products! SG, Rosemont, MN

2/10/18 - I have had cracks on my fingertips and thumbs and a friend shared your lotion with me and it is fantastic so I'm getting one for myself!! LV, Tucson, AZ

2/7/18 - Your lotion is great! I have always used ** bee bar lotion, and when a colleague saw me with it at work, she suggested I try your brand. Her mother swears by it for her cracked feet, so I thought I'd give it a try. I love it... so I'm ordering two more today!!! Thanks for the quick shipping too! RG, Northfield, MN

2/7/18 - This stuff has really helped me! DH, Greensboro, NC

2/5/18 - I bought your lotion at the Cranberry Festival and am LOVING it! Thank you! DM, Elk River, MN

*** 2/5/18 - Your Buckley's cream has been wonderful for my eczema! My doctor knows the name of your product, and every appointment, he looks at my feet and asks if I am still using my Buckley's? I say "yes" and he just looks hard at them. He has nothing else to say. I laugh inside... no Rx for him to write up and just says he'll see me in 2-3 months. LK, Mokena, IL

2/4/18 - The B lotion works wonders on my dried cracked hands... love this product! NM, White Bear Lake, MN

1/20/18 - Customer Feedback - Rating Excellent; Price Rating Excellent, Shipping Options Rating Good; Delivery Rating Excellent; Ease of Purchase Excellent; Customer Service Rating Excellent: Body: A superb product that's been tremendously helpful for my very dry and cracked feet - and the family who runs the business is delightful and very helpful!

1/6/18 - Love your product! So happy you came to the 4th street fair in Tucson. JW, Oro Valley, AZ

12/19/17 - Love your lotion bar! It really works for the cracks in my fingers! RO, Pillager, MN

12/19/17 - My annual purchase! Love it! KH, Boyd, WI

12/18/17 - I thought you'd like to know... my wife gave me her stocking-stuffer wish list with 'your' website and items she'd like! So I'm ordering one of each! She will be very happy as she has psoriasis! KE, Chicago, IL

12/16/17 - I'm buying some of your lotion for two of my grandkids who have eczema. A woman I work with at school swears by your lotion as her daughter suffers with eczema and says its the only stuff that works for her! BP, Ogden, UT

12/12/17 - I saw something on Facebook and have ordered before. I LOVE your products! DH, Greensboro, NC

12/12/17 - Thank you for shipping my order out so fast! I read something on Facebook and read some of the testimonials on your website and decided to give your product a try. I have eczema and my 2-year old grandson has a few patches too. Your lotion is all natural and I love that! SP, South Hadley, MA

12/5/17 - We found you a few years ago in Tempe, AZ - your lotion saved my husband's feet! He needs a new tube and I decided to get one for me that he hasn't rubbed all over his feet! And I'm super excited to try your lip balm! Blessings to you! KI, Glendale, AZ

11/29/17 - Thank you Buckleys! Your product has been a huge blessing in my life for sure! EP, Teutopolis, IL

11/15/17 - Hi Steve and Susan - THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful Christmas gift of a large bar! I truly appreciate it! As I always say, your product is second to NONE for my dry hands, being a Delivery Driver for over 33 years. Thanks AGAIN and keep making your FABULOUS product! MC, LC, MN

11/15/17 - I have ordered from you guys for years and now my husband has run out of the lotion and needs it to heal his knees - love your product! CR, Hawley, MN

11/14/17 - I just wanted to let you know how well the lotion stick is working for me and the lip balm also. And I love your soap! I will be placing another order in a couple weeks but I really wanted to let you know that I have gotten a lot of relief on my legs and they are healing up very well already in two weeks! DH, Greensboro, NC

11/11/17 - Your product has changed my life! BP, Newton, IA

11/10/17 - Customer Feedback on website - Overall Rating: EXCELLENT - Comments: I had a reaction to a drug I started; made me itch terrible on my arms. My girlfriend brought over the 'B' lotion and it immediately stopped the itching. It's wonderful... I ordered one tube for my daughter, myself and an extra one to have on hand As my daughter stated, the lip balm was the "bomb" so I ordered more of that and now going to try their soap. Amazing service; amazing products!! You MUST give it a try! SY, Superior, WI

11/9/17 - I suffer from psoriasis and my wife was at a recent craft show and bought me a stick of your lotion. I've been using it more, especially since the weather has turned cold. I like that your product is all natural and lightly scented unlike most store bought lotions. Some of those store lotions actually make my psoriasis worse! It doesn't cure my disease but it certainly helps with the irritability caused by my clothes rubbing on me! I will be purchasing more in the future! AW, Eden Prairie, MN

10/30/17 - I love your products! BP, Prescott, AZ

10/13/17 - I love this product! It is the only lotion I have ever found to help with my extreme dry skin, especially heels and elbows! DD, Corpus Christi, TX

10/13/17 - I saw your response on a Facebook page and thought I would give you a try. I have severe psoriasis. ML, Greensboro, NC

10/12/17 - My wife bought me some of your lotion from a craft fair recently a few years ago. It is the ONLY think that works on my psoriasis! JP, Waverly, MN

10/10/17 - Someone recommended your lotion to me from a Facebook group I follow! I love it! BP, Newton, IA

10/9/17 - I found you guys down in Arizona at an outdoor fair, and your stick lotion has worked extremely well! Now I've moved to Florida and have dry lips and your lip balm is amazing! Thank you for the great products! SL, Boca Raton, FL

10/3/17 - I have bought your lotion twice for the past few years. I have really dry and peeling skin on my fingers. I have been out of the lotion for the past few weeks and my fingers have gotten much worse. I've tried other lotions, NOTHING works! You guys make an awesome product, and I won't be without it again! GH, Zimmerman, MN

10/2/17 - We can't believe it! We bought a tube of your lotion recently at the Wo-Zha-Wa Days in Wisconsin Dells for my husband's psoriasis! After suffering for many years and using all sorts of creams and lotions, nothing has worked... until we bought your lotion! Unbelievable - now we want to order 6 more tubes!!! Thank you so much! JG, Racine, WI

10/2/17 - Thanks Buckleys! I really like your product! DR, Salem, Oregon

9/28/17 - Moving to Arizona has its side effects - dry heels being one since we wear sandals most of the time. I heard about your product from a friend who loves your lotion! I'm looking forward to loving it also! LE, Scottsdale, AZ

9/26/17 - I'm so excited to use my lotion! I actually heard about you guys from my best friend. She bought some lotion from you for her eczema and swears by it! I've recently come across my own skin issues with dry skin and have a small patch of eczema on my arm that won't go away. Can't wait til my own lotion gets here! SC, Chandler, AZ

9/17/17 - OMG I want 6 of these!!! Your lotion stopped the itching from my Froliculitis (it's when the hair on the arm grows under the skin rather on top). For 30 years I have suffered with this and my friend had me try your lotion last night and it's a miracle! It's the first night in years that I have slept all night without itching my arms! I can't believe this... all the lotions and creams I have tried, cold press packs on my arms... nothing has worked! This is unbelievable. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! MS, Wisconsin Dells, WI

9/16/17 - At Wo-Zha-Wa Days, a gentleman asked if our lotion would work on plaque psoriasis as his legs were covered with that skin issue with thick white flaky plaques! My husband Steve gave him our sample lotion and had him apply the lotion on both legs. The guy said he had tried everything and nothing worked for him! He was skeptical, and wanted to walk around with the lotion on to see if his legs felt any different. About an hour or so later, he came back to our booth, and gave Steve $100 bill and said he wanted as much lotion as $100 would buy! Those are the types of customers we help! SB, Buffalo, MN

9/13/17 - Thank you for your prompt response and ship-out! And I can't thank you enough for this AMAZING formulation that NO prescription could clear up for me! I've been getting relief from my itchy, flaky scalp by using this product overnight on my scalp! LS, West Union, IA

9/10/17 - Ohhhhh... here you are!! I'm picking up some lotion for me and my friends! We LOVE this stuff! I tell everyone about it! We've been buying your lotion for years! Takes care my psoriasis, and my friends dry skin. One of my friends had cracked feet like Steve's and your lotion healed his cracks! PL, Brainerd, MN

9/10/17 - Here to pick up my annual supply of lotion! That's the only reason I come here... and the food! Thanks for making the best lotion for my psoriasis! MT, Hillman, MN

9/9/17 - We don't know what we'd do without you! EA, Waconia, MN

9/9/17 - I ALWAYS get your lotion at this fair, first thing in the morning. Then I can relax knowing I got what I came here for, then I can walk around looking at other stuff! PM, Little Falls, MN

9/8/17 - Had hoped to see you this weekend in Little Falls, but plans changed and I have to get my supply of your incredible lotion on-line! PLEASE don't stop making this! It's the only thing that clears up my psoriasis! OT, St Paul, MN

8/8/17 - We have ordered your lotion for a few years now. This product is the only thing that works for my husband who has psoriasis on the palms of his hands. Without your lotion his hands would crack and bleed. Thank you for selling this amazing lotion! RG, Hoffman Estates, IL

7/25/17 - I just ordered SIX tubes on-line. It really helps my psoriasis... MUCH better than the dermatologist prescribed creams! Thank you! RM, Brainerd, MN

7/21/17 - Thank you for making this great product! Sending one of the twist-up tubes to a fisherman in Alaska! We love love love your lotion! CR, Oak Grove, MN

6/29/17 - I purchased a lotion bar from you years ago and it completely got rid of my eczema! Thanks for a wonderful product and have a great weekend! KM, Chicago, IL

6/28/17 - We love your product! DH, Sammamish, WA

6/20/17 - I heard about you through a co-worker who uses your product! I have a son with severe skin allergies and eczema and she has highly recommended your product. I believe in word-of-mouth advertising so I am anxious to try your lotion on my son! AP, Roberts, WI

6/15/17 - OMG... I can't believe this! I have had psoriasis since I was 15 and I'm now 41! I just want to say thank you so much - you have no idea... it's funny in one day I see a change already in certain spots! I love how it feels... way better than other medicine I ever had and way cheaper too! Its a little harder to apply on the scap but I try my best and it's working! In one day I see the difference! I can't thank you enough! Thank you Thank you Thank you! JR, Wayham, MA

5/12/17 - I found you years ago and we recently moved to Florida and misplaced your lotion! I have really bad eczema and psoriasis now and have bought so many creams and lotions and have had mixed results. I found your tin from way back when and it seems to be doing better than anything else and I was so happy to find it so I can place a new order!!! KH, Nokomis, FL

5/10/17 - I love your lotion!! It works well on dry skin and on insect bites. I even use a small lotion bar for my dog! He has bad allergies and his skin gets dry and itchy! The lotion helps us all! AB, Phoenix, AZ

5/9/17 - I have used your lotion in the past and I looooove it! SS, MB Canada

5/6/17 - I received your lotion yesterday and I just don't know what my hands would do without it! Thank you! NM, White Bear Lake, MN

5/6/17 - My sister-in-law gave me a lotion tube a year ago - so I'm now I'm ordering another tube! Its nice stuff! Thank you! DW, Hanford, CA

5/4/17 - I read a post on Facebook recently about your lotion from another psoriasis sufferer. Since your husband has it and created a lotion which helped, I have to check it out. Thanks for the tips! KH, Providence, RI

4/28/17 - Love your stuff!! KB, Norway, ME

4/20/17- Love it! Works better on my psoriasis than anything I have used! BG, Fargo, ND

4/11/17 - I received my order today. FAST service. I love your products and I'm excited to try out your insect repellent! NW, Sun Prairie, WI

4/8/17 - I have heard nothing but good things about your lotion. I'm excited to try that and your other products too! BR, Neenah, WI

4/3/17 - I found you through my aunt who saw you at the Ely Blueberry Festival. She bought some of your stuff and swears by it! She gave me some to use and within TWO days, I placed my order!! Thank you for the great customer service! MW, Hanford, CA

3/14/17 - My mother stopped by your booth years ago at the Mesa Market Place and Swap Meet. I ended up using her supply of the lotion bar on a rash I got form the chlorine in the pool at our house. I can't find anything that stops me from getting that rash but your lotion takes away the burning and redness of the rash in about 10 to 15 minutes - it is wonderful! I'm buying a lotion tube for my mom, one for me, and one for a friend of ours with eczema and have heard it works wonders for eczema suffers! CL, San Tan Valley, AZ

2/27/17 - My son has severe eczema on his legs and my mother bought us a lotion tube from you guys and it helps him wonderfully. He calls it his 'itch stick'. My mother's husband has psoriasis and he uses your lotion too. Thanks for a great product! SH, Farmington, MN

2/11/17 - Please send along two more brochures with my order of two small bars. More gifts!! Thank you! JK, Willmar, MN

2/10/17 - When I first purchased your lotion twist-up tubes, I had my doubts. Boy was I wrong!! I have used this for several years and it's FANTASTIC!! The twist-up tube is wonderful... Love it! In my opinion it's the best on the market for skin and especially heels!! SH, Sebastian, FL

2/5/17 - Hey Susan and Steve... Thank you for the great product. I'm not sure what I'd do without it! It has relieved a lot of pain and discomfort with my psoriasis. EP, Teopoulis, IL

1/24/17 - I purchased a tin from you at the Fargo Street Fair many years ago to use on the eczema on my hands. It improved greatly so I tucked it in a drawer and kind of forgot about it. 2.5 years ago we moved from Moorhead to the Twin Cities, and my eczema got so bad again. My left pointer finger was so cracked and skin so tight that if I bent it, it would crack and bleed. While going through a box of stuff from moving, I stumbled upon the tin with your lotion bar. I figured it wouldn't be good any more but to my surprise, IT WAS! I applied a thin layer and within the first day of use, I was able to start to bend my finger! Within a week and a half now, my eczema has healed so much - the best it's been in over a year!! I can fully bend my finger and the skin is turning normal color again instead of raised and inflamed. I got your website off the back of the tin and want to order more! Thank you so much for making this lotion, it has helped me so much! CF, Mpls, MN

1/24/17 - Thanks for the info on your lotion! My husband's parents winter in AZ and they sent him a tin of your lotion to try... he says it's like MAGIC! We've spent so much money trying different things that we didn't expect much, how wrong we were!! Thanks for getting our lotion shipped so fast and you can count on us being regular customers and spreading the word! BS, Caldwell, Idaho

1/7/17 - I have been buying your lotion for several years now. I met you in Stone Lake, WI at the Cranberry Festival and just wanted to tell you this product works really well for my grandkids chapped hands! CG, St Paul, MN

1/2/17 - I just LOVE the way your lotion makes my dry hands feel so smooth! Thank you! ST, Cabot, AR

12/30/16 - Your products are the very best on the market... Bar NONE! JU, Hancock, MI


12/21/16 - I heard about your product from a woman in my community who swears by your lotion for her psoriasis. She is retired as an executive at a local bank and she used to be embarrassed to shake hands because her psoriasis was so bad on her hands and palms. Your lotion completely cleared up her scaling and redness. And she tells everybody she knows about it! I recently mentioned your lotion to one of my board members who has psoriasis and he purchased your product a few weeks ago. He said it is already clearing up his psoriasis on his hands and arms (he's been having to wear multiple bandages on his hands because of the cracking and redness). I saw him yesterday and he is so pleased with the results and I can confirm his hands look much better in just a week's time. My husband also suffers from psoriasis on his elbows and knees so I am getting your lotion as a Christmas gift. He's used a prescription product called Dovonix but that just keeps the scaling at bay. So I'll let you know how it works for him. SL, Hancock, MI

12/18/16 - Thank you for your products! My daughter isn't comfortable without them!! Thank you for your quick service too! WS, Aurora, OR

12/13/16 - Bought your lotion at the Fountain Hills arts and crafts fair and my husband has been using for his psoriasis and it is working wonders for him! Thank you so much! RH Hampshire, IL

12/12/16 - My hands love your product!!!! KH, Boyd, WI

12/8/16 - I'm ordering a couple of your lotion as gifts and am wondering if you can include a couple testimonies? Thank you so much! Merry Christmas! JK, Willmar, MN

12/4/16 - Thank you so much for your lotion! I don't know what I would do without this! Especially when winter hits and my skin gets dryer! DM, Woodbury, MN

12/2/16 - I originally bought your lotion at the Mesa Marketplace years ago. I have tried so many products and your lotion works miracles on my eczema, which I get pretty bad on my hands! SK, Alemeda, CA

12/1/16 - I sampled your lotion at a show recently and bought some ... it takes care of my cracked feet. Thank you! RJ, Vidalia, GA

11/29/16 - Hi again!! I'm going on 10 years now as a customer, and using your absolutely wonderful B Lotion Bar. I'm a Delivery Driver, and my hands would get so dry, would crack and fingertips would split, but NO MORE!!!! Before I found your lotion, I tried EVERYTHING, with no results, I can't say that anymore, THANK YOU!!!! MB, St Paul, MN

11/21/16 - THANK YOU BUCKLEYS! Keep making the great products you do! I'm not sure what I'd do without you! EP, Louisville, KY

11/1816 - Thank you so much for this wonderful product! I have been using your lotion for years after meeting you at Back to the 50's! SB, Eagan, MN

11/16/16 - Your lotion works really well for me. I recently lost my scented with lavender tube, so I found you online right away to get it replaced! So glad you have a website! KT, Brooklyn Center, MN

11/16/16 - I bought a tube of your lotion last spring, and although it did not 'cure' my psoriasis, it does help me manage my condition better than any of the many other similar products I've tried throughout the years! NM, Apache Junction AZ

11/16/16 - My friend saw a comment on facebook recently - she has psoriasis on both feet and showed me the pictures before she started using your lotion. She's been using it now for the past few months and her feet have improved so much. My son has eczema and he's been using prescription creams with steroids, so hopefully your lotion will help so he won't need those doctor creams! JA, San Leandro, CA.

11/12/16 - I have used your product before and there is no doubt about it's quality and usefulness. Thank you! MW, Tucson, AZ

11/8/16 - My husband has very dry skin (probably from all the meds he takes), and your lotion works better than anything else he's tried! So now I decided I need some for myself! We will continue to order from you! Thank you for this great product! SH, Pelican Rapids, MN

11/8/16 - My friend let me try your lotion for a couple days... he's been a customer for years. The lotion has really helped my skin at the elbow area! It's a great product! YC, Chandler, AZ

11/7/16 - This lotion bar has absolutely saved my hands and wrists during winter while working at the hospital! Thank you for sharing it with me! AB, Minneapolis, MN

11/6/16 - I recently saw a posting on Facebook and thought I'd give your lotion a try... I LOVE IT! AG, Minneapolis, MN

10/23/16 - It's that time to stock up! Might be in AZ soon and would love to meet the makers of the product that has saved Bella's skin! Thank you so much again! AM, Allyn, WA

10/20/16 - Love your products! SO, Aitkin, MN

10/20/16 - We LOVE your lip balm - absolutely think it is the BEST ever! Excited to try the natural insect repellent too. You guys are the greatest! THANK YOU for making such wonderful products ;) BL, Anoka, MN

10/19/16 - I have eczema in the winter that gets pretty bad! Your lotion product helps keep it from drying and itching, so it is super helpful! Thank you. ES, Plymouth, MN

10/17/16 - I suffer from psoriasis. Colleen at the Buffalo Post Office gave me some of your lotion and it seems to be working well already! I have tried everything with doctors and dermatologists including expensive injection medications. I am very excited about your product! Thank you! WN, Buffalo, MN

10/14/16 - Great products... that really work! Thank you! GT, Saint Paul, MN

10/4/16 - On your Customer Feedback, I rated everything Excellent! I wrote in the Body: A very effective product. It's a small family business, I gather; and it's the family that does all of the work from product manufacture, to marketing, packaging and mailing. Happily, they do it very well - probably on a rather small scale. I'm happy that I found this product when the family had a tent at a street fair in Tucson. I admire them - and their product! MC, Minneapolis,MN

10/2/16 - I purchased your product yesterday at the Stone Lake Cranberry Fest and I'm already a fan! I have psoriasis breakouts on my neck, face, and scalp. The ones of my scalp I find the most irritating and hardest to treat. While I can't actually say it's healed after one day, it doesn't itch and burn since I applied your 'unscented' B lotion! Thank you! AP, Mpls, MN

9/24/16 - I just ordered two tubes of your lotion and should have ordered two cases! Thanks for making this fab product! I sent my sister in Arkansas your link so she can order some mosquito stuff. I just found you a couple weeks ago at Wisconsin Dells! Love this stuff already! LW, Madison, WI

9/15/16 - I got my order today and used it right away! I also used the lip balm right away because my lips have been cracking and peeling and I have a strange sore in the corner of my mouth. After half an hour my lips felt fabulous, so I put it on again after supper. Super results!! My lips feel almost normal again and the sore isn't cracking open anymore! That's fast!!!! And it tastes good too, no weird medicinal flavor! LOVE IT!! And nothing beats your lotion!! SOOOO happy! Thanks a bunch! YF, Terrace, BC Canada

9/4/16 - I received my order today. I've been buying your lotion for friends who have slight eczema problems. My niece's baby had some dry scalp and I gave her a lotion which fixed it! Of course I still use it too, but my people are getting hooked on your lotion! Please don't stop making it! Thanks again! JS, Andover, MN

9/1/16 - I have severe eczema flare ups and your lotions and soaps have been amazing! It actually has been more effective than my different steroids and creams. I've noticed it brings down the swelling and itchiness of the flare-ups immediately, which is actually faster than the heavy prescriptions I have used. I'm sorry to hear you won't be at the Tempe show this fall. I usually stop by twice a year JUST for your booth but I'll be sure to order online when I need a refill. You definitely have a loyal customer! TL, Tempe, AZ

8/27/16 - Years ago I bought your lotion at a show you were at in Warrens WI. I've been a huge fan ever since. I am a nurse and washing my hands all the time causes them to break out and crack, and your lotion works amazingly to help stop that! Thank you for a great product! RH, Clay City, IN

8/11/16 - I bought some of your lotion when we were in Arizona at the Tempe Festival of the Arts last April, for my husband's cracked feet! He loves it and is giving some to our son who has cracked feet too! Thank you! DZ, Bluffdale, UT

8/8/16 - My mom has been using your B lotion for her rosacea and it has worked really well. She gave me some of hers to try and I am noticing it is keeping my rosacea under control too! MO, Bloomington, IL

8/5/16 - I have had psoriasis mostly on my hands with painful cracks that I have tried just about everything there is including now being on Stalare injections every three months. My sister-in-law purchased the 'B" lotion for me and it is unbelievable how much better my hands are. Thank you so much! LW, Lino Lakes, MN

7/27/16 - I have psoriasis and it was a real pain. My sister picked up a B lotion for me to try. It works great! I put it on after showers and before I go to bed and in the morning when I get up. It won't cure it but it's to a point where I can't hardly see it. Just try it - it's a lot cheaper then the lotions and drugs that the Dr. has you try. And no Dr bills! One big thing I look at is there are no side effects! Nothing for anyone to lose by trying it! I give you ALL EXCELLENT RATINGS ON YOUR WEBSITE! Thank you! KM, Medford, WI

7/24/16 - I purchased a small lotion bar from you guys at a show a couple years ago, and have used it on my son's overly chapped lips in the winter and other small skin issues. It works great! Recently I was diagnosed with pityriasis rosea. Your lotion seems to really calm my skin down - better than other things. The rash is covering almost my entire torso and even a bit on my arms and legs. I'm anxious to get the larger twist-up tube... thanks for making a great product! MT, Madison, WI

7/23/16 - One of my friends told me to google Buckley Naturals. Her mom gave her your lotion to try out on her poison ivy and on her husband's eczema and she said it cleared everything up! She was praising your lotion! Since my husband and I have had children we are trying to use all natural products. I thought I'd give it a try. We live in the country and there are TONS of wood ticks and mosquitoes so when I saw your natural bug spray repellent, I thought I'd give that a whirl too! SS, St Malo, MB Canada

7/21/16 - WOW... Is the only thing I have to say. I've never had anything work so good for me. I have psoriasis on both of my wrists and as a mechanic that has chemicals on my hands and arms all day as well as harsh soaps. I haven't been able to find anything that even helps it just seems to always get worse. I feel I have tried everything so when I found your product I thought I have nothing to lose and I didn't think I would ever find anything that would work as well as this!! In two weeks it is virtually gone. I use it 3 times a day and it is gone!! I thought I would have this forever because I have a grandparent that is a pharmacist and he has recommended so many things, but NOTHING, until now has worked. I am so so so happy I found your B lotion! I recommend this to everyone who has any kind of skin rash or even just for dry hands it really worked that well for me!! I am not the type of person who ever writes a review and as a matter of fact this is the first one I have ever given! I just ordered 4 more tubes for myself and family members and will definitely be back again. THANK YOU! KG, Brainerd, MN

7/18/16 - I bought a lotion tube from you for my psoriasis while you were at the art festival in Brainerd a couple weeks ago. I can't believe the results in such a short time. I've tried so many things over the past three years for my psoriasis and NOTHING has worked. I was hesitant in buying your lotion, but after listening to Steve, I bought a tube. Unbelievable... my skin has cleared already! Thank you! DS, Brainerd, MN

7/14/16 - I saw a comment made on Facebook about psoriasis and am always looking for a lotion that will work for me and my psoriasis... and doesn't leave a mess on my sewing and craft projects. I have had psoriasis for over 20 years and although in the past two years I've gotten it more under control by following a gluten free diet, I still want a good lotion! I'm seeing great results already with your lotion! I love this! JA, Crescent City, CA

6/28/16 - Thank you so much! I love this stuff!! I saw Steve's testimony on-line! SF, Houghton, MI

6/23/16 - I heard about you through a friend and she let me use her B lotion for my cracked ad painful heels... your lotion healed them! Thank you! TJ, Chandler, AZ

6/23/16 - We can't live here in the desert without your B lotion! KM, Chandler, AZ

6/21/16 - I "borrowed" one of your lotion bars from my mom and I LOVE IT! C.P., Bloomington, MN

6/20/16 - I found you guys in Arizona at an art festival. We bought a tube of your lotion for my daughter and liked it so much. Her hands are now smooth and no more rashes and no more redness and itching! NU, Tempe, AZ

6/18/16 - Your lotion helps my rough itchy skin on my feet. If only I would use it on a more regular basis I know I'd see better results. Thank you for sharing your solution to the rest of us who suffer! AH, Eagle River, WI

6/6/16 - My mother swears by your lotion and says it is the only thing that helps her psoriasis on her hands. As you know psoriasis is a very difficult thing to deal with and I'm willing to try anything to help my daughter. We've tried many different things so when we heard about this lotion from my mom, we said why not give it a shot! I love the tube idea... it's easy to carry, easy to put on and easy to travel with. Thanks! MF, Houghton, MI

6/1/16 - I love your lotion twist-up tubes! I put it on my hands and nails 2-3 times a day. I'm so glad I can get your products online because I first bought from you at a show in Arizona while I was on vacation. I will continue to use them regularly. Thank you for sending out my order so quickly. You guys are awesome! MJ, Ewa Beach, Hawaii

5/31/16 - My sister bought some of your lotion at a festival in northern Minnesota and it cleared up her mysterious skin issues. I am buying some for myself to clear up my poison ivy! JG, McLean, VA

5/5/16 - This is my 3rd order, and I've got to tell you I love this lotion! I have psoriasis all over the bottom of my foot and the palms of my hands; it is very soothing and healing! I also use your all natural soap bar to bathe in and I also love that! I found you on a psoriasis blog; someone else had tried it and posted how much they liked it so I thought I'd give it a try and again, this is now my 3rd order and I love it! SR, Raytown, MO

5/4/16 - I just decided to take the time and do a Customer Feedback on your business! I gave you all EXCELLENT ratings, for Price, Shipping, Delivery, Ease of Purchase, and Customer Service! AND I LOVE THE LOTION! Thank you! SH, Philadelphia, PA

4/12/16 - I first heard about you when I went to the street fair in Tempe, AZ about two years ago. I have been dealing with really dry heels that crack and bleed for years now and so I have purchased your lotion tubes, soap and lip balm several times. It is the only product that has truly worked for me so thanks for inventing such a wonderful product! Luckily something has come from all of Steve's trials in curing himself! DB, South Jordan, UT

4/10/16 - Hi Susan, Steve and Amy... I received another one of your miracle lotion bars today, and I want to Thank you SO MUCH for the added bar of soap. KEEP MAKING your outstanding products; you have a customer for life! MB, St. Paul, MN

4/5/16 - I need six more tubes of lotion and six more bottles of your insect repellent before we head back to Canada next week! This is the best stuff! JM, Victoria, BC

4/4/16 - I need some more lotion! My skin and hands have never felt better, nor have my husband's grey, thick, elbows! In just a couple days, the difference is amazing! I told my friend about your lotion and I'm buying one for her! Thank you so much! JR, Rochester, MN

4/2/16 - Dear Sir, you gave me a trial application on my elbows when you were at your booth at the Fountain Hills, AZ show. The results were very impressive over the next few days. I have been a long time psoriasis victim and your lotion showed amazing promise! Thank you. JO, Chandler, AZ.

3/23/16 - Your product is the only product I have ever found that works on healing cracks on the heels of my feet. I live in Arizona and it's very hot and dry here - I I wear sandals too often I will get cracked heels! I confess, I use a lot of your lotion, but it's totally worth it to me! I ordered extra this time to give as gifts to my family. Thank you for providing this amazing product. I found you at a show several years ago in the Phoenix area. I never, never, go to shows and I feel very fortunate that my friend dragged me along that day because otherwise I never would have found you! JC, Phoenix, AZ

3/19/16 I have used your lotion on our son's eczema and it's worked fabulously! I'm a nurse and love the lotion for my hands, too. Thanks! KE, Arlington Heights, IL

3/15/16 - I have had a skin condition with my hands for about the past 5 or 6 years. I'm not even sure what the condition is but my hands crack badly, itch badly, and weep clear fluid occasionally. I have tried many different kinds of lotions and things like that, but have found only 1 that works, and it's a prescribed steroid cream of some sort. I can't remember the name of it off the top of my head. Recently my mom bought a lotion bar from you guys, she has a similar condition with her hands, and your lotion works well for her. She also tried many different products with nothing working besides the steroid cream that I use, but she doesn't like using it because of the potential long term side effects. She had a little bit of your lotion bar left that she gave to me to try, and although its only been a couple days, it has already taken away the itch and weeping, and also the cracks seem to be healing, so I thought I would give it a longer term try and therefore am placing this order. DJ, Rochester, NY

3/7/16 - I was visiting my grandparents in Scottsdale, AZ over the weekend and my skin was super dry and flaky, so they told me to try your product and it totally helped! I had to order it right away because they wouldn't let me take theirs! I think my papa purchased it at the Tempe Art Festival. Thank you! SC, Redondo Beach, CA 2/25/16 - I first saw you from a Facebook comment - This is my second order. I am very happy with the result. In just 3 days of using your unscented lotion, I can see the improvement in my feet. I have plaque psoriasis and had been using clobetasol for 6 months and had skin laser treatment, but there had been no improvement. I have tried all kinds of lotion but nothing works! Thank you Steve for this miracle product. EC, North Hills, CA

2/25/16 - Last November, I bought a tube of your unscented lotion for my husband's psoriasis. He loves it, so he wants another tube! Thank you! EB, Minneapolis, MN

2/20/16 -I love, love, love the lotion! For three years, I've had terrible eczema. I bought some of your lotion last September and this amazing! I was impressed on how quickly it went away! Thank you! JM, Schaumburg, IL

1/29/16 - Thank you so much for your product. Since I starting using your product, my psoriasis on my feet and hands are so much better! My father has psoriasis very badly and I am going to get him started with your products as well!. Thanks again, and God Bless... SR, Raytown, MO

1/11/16- Add on to the 1/10/16 testimony: Yes, please feel free to use our words on the testimonial page. I wish I had taken before and after pictures!!! Our son has spent most of his four years in the hospital, trust me when I say we've tried everything! This will also become a staple product in our hospital bag! I've never been so impressed with a skin product. Thank you so much!!! KE, Ankeny, IA

1/10/16- Your lotion is amazing! I'm a nurse and the mother of a child with special needs and significant health issues. We've tried everything for his skin and after 2 uses, his skin was 90% improved. My chapped hands are cured as well. Ordering more to keep on hand! I'm a lip balm junkie and I've thrown away all of my lip balm and will only use yours from now on. I'm a super picky person and all of my expectations were exceeded!!!! I'm amazed. Thank you!!! KE, Ankeny, IA

1/9/16- Hi, I'm ordering another Lotion Bar, as I LOVE using this product, as it's the ONLY one that has ever worked for my dry skin. Thank you again!! Sincerely, MB, St.Paul, MN

1/8/16- Thank you so very much for your speedy response. We love your products, and it's been key to my husbands controlling of his terrible, itchy, eczema/psoriasis outbreaks. Buy Minnesota Made! It's good for everyone. JJ, MN

12/30/15- I purchased a tin of this product at a Flea Market near Phoenix AZ. Best stuff I have found!!!!! I am looking forward to receiving my order. BB, Springfield, TN

12/17/15- Love this product. Works wonders for those deep finger cracks that occur in Winter. Am now ordering for my diabetic husband's heel crack. SR, North Aurora, IL

12/9/15- Love the product! My dermatologist can't believe how much my feet have finally cleared up. My husband now uses it on his hands. EK, Mokena, IL

12/5/15- I have to say that usually after about 6 months of using a product, I would start to have flare-ups and have to discontinue using that product. I am happy to report that this has not happened with your product. I have been using it and recommending it for the last 15 months. KS, Janesville, WI

12/3/15- Can't wait to try it!! I am a hairdresser and my hands never seem to heal! My client and good friend has recommended I try your product asap!! SB, Janesville, WI

11/21/15- I hope this arrives very soon. My 10 year old depends on this for her Eczema. Great product. We have been using it for over two years. WS, Aurora, OR

11/17/15- Hi again! It's that time of year where, as a Delivery Driver, I NEED your outstanding product once again to keep my hands from cracking! It's the ONLY product on the market I've found that actually works for me!! THANKS AGAIN, and keep producing it, PLEASE!! MB, St.Paul, MN

11/5/15- Winter is here in Washington. Weather has been nasty, cold, raining and dry. The lotion has been helping keeping my daughter's break outs at bay. Amazing, compared to last year when I didn't have your lotion. I keep forgetting, but when I have time, I will show you before and after pictures! Thank you !! AM, Allyn, WA

10/27/15- Love the product. My husband is now using it on his hands as they're dry from woodworking. He loves it for there is no fragrance and it works. EK, Mokena, IL

10/26/15- Hi Susan! This stuff is awesome! I do apply it several times daily, but it's so much better than anything I've ever used. It seems I might get my skin to look normal! I am so happy I could cry. Will be ordering again, including my favorite lip balm :) Thank you, SS, Atlanta, GA (Another new customer from Facebook)

10/13/15 - I have been using the B lotion stick on my daughter for the last day and a half and I can already tell a huge difference. I stopped using the steroid cream yesterday to be sure that I know it's truly the "B" lotion stick that is working. I met you and your husband a few years back in Buffalo at the craft fair and have been stuck on your product for myself since then. I'm so happy this is an all natural product that I can use for my daughter! Thank you again! AD, St Michael, MN

10/8/15 - I purchased a tube of your unscented lotion at the Back to the 50's event at the MN State Fairgrounds in June! I have had psoriasis for about 7 or 8 years and have tried lots of things and spent lots of money. Your lotion has helped me the most!! I love it and am so glad I talked to you that day. I want to keep one in my bathroom, one in my purse, and one at the office so when I need it I have it. Thanks again! I love your product! CT, Thompson, ND

9/30/15 - I have been using your twist-up lotion tube for the last three years and it helps clear up my Atopic Dermatitis! I'm now going to give your soaps a try. Thanks! HK, Fargo, ND

9/22/15 - Buckley lotion has done more help for my eczema on the bottom of my feet than any doctor or Rx. Thanks Steve for telling me how to use the vinegar bath etc. clear up my feet faster. EK, Mokena, IL

9/20/15 - hello there me again! You would not believe the difference your lotion has continued to make for my baby girl. I am so thankful and blessed to have found you guys. she uses the lotion, the soap and even has her own chapstick thanks to you guys. happy you made the insect repellent now I have that for her, I really wish the best of luck for your business and hope you never go out!! you guys really restored my hope after trying literally everything out there possible for my daughter. thank you! AM, Allyn WA

9/18/15 - thanks again for your lotion! CS, Lemont, IL

9/17/15 - I bought the lotion tube in Red Wing, MN in August about a month ago. It was nice to meet you, and I've learned to NEED this product for my psoriasis! It is as good OR BETTER than clobetasol but a natural product for a better price - works for me! BB, Ludington, MI

9/6/15 - I have been using your lotion since last January. I purchased at the Swap Meet in Mesa. I had Psoriasis on my lower legs and had been using both a prescription and over the counter lotions. Nothing worked, until I tried your product. The itching stopped within a few days and the rash disappeared after a couple of weeks. No reoccurance since using your lotion, as I use every day. Thanks for a great product. DH, Fargo, ND

8/30/15 - It must be the powder in the gloves that really dry the hands out. My husband works in a cold warehouse and his fingers crack and bleed. We have tried everything, including putting socks on his hands with vaseline. When I started using your lotion, I told him that come this winter, he will love this for his hands! You do know you and your husbands little creativity has made 1000s of us relieved. Up until 3 months ago, I used to put the medicine on and cover with bandaids for a better clear. I have not used a bandaid since using your lotion! Thank you thank you. SG, Philadelphia, PA

8/30/15 - I had a really bad eczema attack this past May and had to go back on steroids, but I used your lotion the whole time and I think I'm finally getting it to stop. we shall see - BUT no more heel cracks and my hands and arms are clear. Thanks! DM, Woodbury, MN

8/24/15 - Thank YOU!! For This Wonderful Product!!! TS, Red Wing, MN

7/18/15 - I LOVE this soap! I have dry skin due to dermatitis and my thyroid was removed and the soap really helps. Thank you. MM, Gilbert, AZ

7/9/15 - If you could ship this lotion tube out as soon as possible! My little girl is almost out and her skin is starting to flare up :( Thank you! Your lotion is a godsend! WX, Aurora OR

6/28/15 - I bought a bottle of your insect repellent at the Back to the 50's car show at the fairgrounds and like it a lot. I am ordering this to send to my sister in California. LL, Glen Ellen, CA

6/24/15 - This is my second order of your B lotion. My eczema is very stubborn, like a weed that does not want to die. This is the best stuff. EK, Mokena, IL

6/21/15 - Bought this Unscented Lotion Twist-up tube at the Cranberry Fest in Warrens, WI a couple years ago. It works great! CN, Fond du Lac, WI


6/12/15 - Best stuff I ever used for my daughter's eczema. she has it all over her body - doing elimination diet and blood test for allergies and this lotion works great for her itching and redness and dry skin from eczema. I hope more people find out about you guys because way better than big business products and all natural so no nasty chemicals on my baby's skin!! AM, Allyn, WA

5/29/15 - My friend told me about your company and how great your stuff works! Can't wait to try it! JP, Janesville, MN

5/22/15 - There is not another product or prescription cream that has worked better on my Psoriasis! I couldn't live with this lotion bar twist-up tube. JU, Hancock, MI

5/14/15 - Please send ASAP! I'm almost out of the twist-up tube and it's starting to help my daughters severe eczema/yeast rash. Thank you so much! AM, Allyn, WA

5/11/15 - I have spent $$$$$$ on treating my eczema on the bottom of my feet. Some days I could hardly walk and all shoes hurt. Thank you for your product... I'm walking again. EK, Mokena, IL

4/19/15- Bought lotion at Schuler's Shoes- LOVE !!! Now trying your other products. TY., MD, Ramsey, MN

4/13/15- Hi, THANKS again for another one of your quality lotion bars, it's the ONLY thing that works for me!! PLEASE keep making them!! Thanks, MB, St.Paul, MN

3/8/15- This is the only lotion that helps our grandson because of his allergies. SS, Champlin, MN

3/6/15- I bought your product when I was in AZ at a craft fair. I think it's a great product and have shared it with my daughter who has eczema. It was nice meeting and doing business with you in November :) MC, Woodside, NY

3/6/15- LOVE LOVE LOVE your lotion! Have ordered many times and now hooked others!!!! My poor fingers THANK YOU too! KH, Boyd, WI

3/4/15- I received the order on Monday. That was really quick! I will continue to order as I run out. This is the best lotion bar I have ever used. I tried other products but they do not work with the same success. I could not wait any longer due to the cold winter, my feet were so cracked they were bleeding. I am thrilled with your product!!! Thank you for your quick response. Stay Warm- LR, Hoffman Estates, IL

2/27/15- Purchased your lip balm at the Fountain Hills AZ show and absolutely love it! Trying the lotion for the first time, if it's as good as the LB, I'll be back! SW, La Quinta, CA

2/26/15- We had the pleasure of finding your products at the Great fair in Fountain Hills, AZ, last weekend. We purchased the lavender B bar twist-up for our 4 year olds eczema. She was actually having a flair up on the insides of both her arms and behind both of her knees over the weekend. Fast forward five days.....no eczema! Your product did in 5 days what her prescription cortisone cream has never done. Plus being all natural, there is no long term damage to her skin! We are so thrilled to have found Buckley Naturals! Fondly, LW, Chandler, AZ

2/19/15- Hello there. I met you guys a few years ago at The Land Of The Loon Festival in Virginia, MN. I came across your booth when I noticed there was info about your product and eczema, my then about 1.5 year old daughter had break outs. We talked for awhile and you offered my daughter a FREE lotion bar to help with her eczema. She hadn't any since she was younger (she's 3 now). We still have the same bar you gave her that day and today I was beyond thankful for it!! I had accidentally got laundry detergent on my hands and it spread into a rash all the way up my arm and all over my hands. This product is the only thing that took away the burning pain!! JM, Virginia, MN

1/1/15- Hello, My daughter was in AZ over the holidays and brought me a lip balm and we live in MN ironically. I have tried everything to brave the long, cold, MN winters and I have never tried anything like this! I posted on my facebook page and will be getting more for my whole family! If you ever decide you want a personal distributor I would sign up in a heart beat. I realize that might be difficult with your very fair prices but if you ever wanted to go in that direction I am your girl! Thank you, thank you, thank you. TH, MN

12/30/14- I "stumbled" on your Buckley booth at the Wisconsin Dells fair in September. Listening to your story, I purchased a twist tube of the Buckley lotion and I am AMAZED. It is now the end of December, and this is the FIRST time since I can remember that I have NOT had ANY split finger tips. The "norm" has been painful split finger tips from October through April!

I apply the lotion on ritually every morning before I leave for work...and I am certain that it is YOUR Buckley lotion that has brought me such relief and joy!

I am a FAN! Thank You, DB

12/15/14- I just purchased your product for the first time at the Tempe show a couple weeks ago. I have already come to love my B Lotion Bar. It seems to be helping with a very stubborn patch of psoriasis, but I'm also just loving it as a body lotion. I work with my hands, so I like that I can apply the Twist-Up on the back of my hands without getting my fingers slippery. It really is a convenient way to apply lotion. Thanks again- JPG, Chandler, AZ

12/12/14- Hi again! I'm a Delivery Driver, and my hands would always split and crack from the dry heat and defroster of the vehicle, but NO MORE, with your AWESOME product!! I use this once in the morning before going to work, and again at night before going to bed, and my hands are never dry or cracked, like when I used other products. You have a customer for LIFE, THANK YOU AGAIN!! MB, St.Paul, MN

12/8/14- I just wanted you to know that I added you to Pinterest today as a product that I love. Your Twist Up lotion is AMAZING for dry cracked feet at this time of year in Northern Minnesota!! I hope that the pin is helpful to you! Sincerely, BK,MN

12/5/14- I just wanted you to know I love your product. I have been suffering from severe eczema my whole life. As long as I can remember, I have been using steroids until my body developed resistance and I had to go to the Dr. for a stronger prescription (in addition to all the other home remedies). My mom bought me your soap and lotion bar last year and it brought immediate relief!

These treat my rashes better than any prescription I've ever used. I also appreciate that there are literally no side effects- just relief. I'm a loyal user now. Since I began showering with your soap, I haven't had any eczema-related skin irritations. This is the first time in my life that I have been free of ugly, bloody rashes. I get comments all the time now about how much better my skin looks.

Thank you so much. It's hard for me to express how amazing your product has been for me without writing another three paragraphs but I know you understand having gone through the same thing. TL, Tempe, AZ

10/2/14- Great product B, I have been using it on my hands and the Eczema I had is gone in two weeks. This order is in part for my relatives who want to try it. Thank you for making a quality affordable product that works. God Bless You, GT, St.Paul, MN.

9/30/14- Hi, Met you in Wisconsin Dells, WI, on that rainy, cold Friday, September. I am the Operating Room R.N. Can not say enough good about your product! KS, Janesville, WI

9/19/14- Hi All, Well, it's that time of year again where, as a Delivery Driver, my hands get so dry from the vehicle heater, so I'm ordering some more of your Miracle Product!! I've also told my fellow drivers about your wonderful product, so I hope they've also ordered from you. I hope you'll be in business for as long as I'm around (I'm 53), as your product is the ONLY one that has worked for me for the past 7-8 years! THANKS AGAIN!! MB, St.Paul, MN

9/15/14- Hi Susan, Steve and Amy, I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU!!!! I'm so happy to have run into you in Wisconsin and been drawn to your booth. I have had amazing results and just wanted to share those with you. I used your lotion 3 times a day on my heels as you recommended for 4 weeks since I saw you and I am in awe of how much better they are! I am so happy and grateful to you.

I started with deep cracks that would bleed...new cracks every other day and they never seemed to heal. I used all sorts of products and tried crazy remedies before this with no avail. After these 4 weeks I have NO MORE cracks!! None! My heels are healing and I have normal skin there again. It truly is amazing and I am forever grateful! Thank You! KL, Seattle, WA

9/12/14- I purchased a tube at the Blueberry Arts Festival and we love it!! I'm ordering more for myself and to give as gifts. I hope I'm ordering the correct tin. I'm hoping to be able to pop it out into my hands :) Thank you for making this great product! AK, Babbitt, MN

8/16/14- We are so happy with the product that we bought at Fountain Hills. Am ordering for myself and two other friends. Thanks! MN, Chandler, AZ

6/16/14- Thank you Susan! This stuff is amazing! I've had dry, itchy skin due to some health/diet issues and this is the only lotion that helps. Thanks Again! JB, Chandler, AZ

5/28/14- Thank you so much. My son has psoriasis and your product is a miracle!! I met your husband at Tempe Arts Festival and am so glad I stopped by your table. We were not happy with all of the chemicals he was putting in his body, especially at a young age. With a combination of change of diet and your product his symptoms are much more manageable and at the same time healthier. We will be ordering many more times in the near future. DD, Tempe, AZ

5/21/14- Good Evening, We wanted to take this opportunity to praise you for all that you have brought to those who are suffering! By happenstance, we passed your booth at the Tempe Arts Festival in March 2014. We were intrigued by the crowd of people in front of your booth and stopped to listen. Our daughter, Caroline (age 11) has suffered from eczema since birth. She has itchy, red, blotchy, break outs in dry weather, winter and summer and when swimming in the pool/ocean. We know that it's not allergy driven and truly hate watching her suffer! There is really no cure for her- as we have tried everything under the sun! She has special soaps, lotions, potions, steroid creams, medication and NOTHING worked without stinging, burning, bleaching her skin, or causing side affects. Then, the faithful day in March happened, you were selling the Twist Up Tube of beeswax. We examined and listened carefully to your story, instructions and the hopeful look in our daughter's eyes! She was tearfully happy to see that there may be a product that provides her relief, a cure, and something that she can apply on her own. Since March 28th, 2014, our daughter has used your product for 2 months. In that short period (8 weeks) of almost daily usage in the areas that she suffers, she hasn't suffered once. By simply rolling one layer (swipe) in the area that she suffers, it has eliminated her eczema! She hasn't had an outbreak nor any symptoms of eczema since using the product. She had a small area on her arm that appeared (not in her normal area) and immediately applied your beeswax and within one day it disappeared! Not only does this product relieve and soothe, it prevents from occurrences/break outs, and cures her eczema! This is the most amazing, all natural, no scent, pure product and healing substance!!!! We are so grateful that you discovered this product and have brought it to the public! You have been given a gift from the Lord and we are thankful that you shared it with us! Thank you isn't enough as you have provided us the happiness to see our daughter's smile! God Bless, LT, Tempe,AZ

5/21/14- There's not another product on the market better than yours! JU, Hancock, MI

5/16/14- I bought your product at the 4th Ave Street Fair in Tucson, AZ in early March. I have ordered some for my daughter in law who has gotten others to order and now I am ordering again. Great product. Tucson is quite dry and love the moisture level this provides. DU, Tucson, AZ

5/15/14- I used it and liked it and I recommended to others in my family. The end of my itching and flaking. NT, Tucson, AZ

4/29/14- Tried 4 different kinds of cream, plus a prescription for a rash I had. Then remembered the lotion bar I had in refrig for about two years. Worked like a charm! NM, Mesa, AZ

4/28/14- LOVE this lotion bar! I have incredibly dry skin and live in AZ. I am a physician and over the past 40+ years I've tried lots of lotions; this one actually healed the cracks on my heels. Amazing!! WS, Prescott, AZ

4/27/14- Love the Product! AG, Plymouth, MN

3/23/14- Good Work!!! BA, Oro Valley, AZ

3/13/14- Thanks for the great product as usual. I didn't realize my supply was so low! CS, Lemont, IL

3/9/14- Once again, I LOVE your product. KH, Boyd, WI

2/7/14- I recently was infected with hot tub follicularitis and suffered SEVERE rash on arms and legs, like I was on fire...prescriptions, etc. to no avail. I had a little of your bar left and it's clearing it up wonderfully. Thanks very much! DDS, AZ

1/15/14- Purchased your product Sunday at Mesa Market. I could sand a table top smooth, with my feet. Just finished 3rd application, and already have remarkable improvement. Both feet are almost crack free. No pain, or bleeding. I was able to use my foot buffer last night. I am so excited. I will be back to get more before we head back to Washington. SP, Ocean Shores, WA

1/8/14- I told my co-workers about your product. My brother-in-law had severe cracking and bleeding on his heels. He used your twist tube lotion bar and he finally got it under control. My mother has been on Chemo since September. Her fingers and feet have been so dry and cracking with the chemo. We put Eucerin on her back, hands and feet, but it's so thick and with her losing her hair...it gets very messy! My sister brought over an extra lotion bar they had and used it on my mom. You wouldn't believe how soft her skin has been. Thank you! MP, Blaine, MN

1/1/14- We bought this product last fall at a craft festival in Wisconsin Dells. My husband developed a dry itchy rash on his shins a few years ago and nothing prescribed for it would clear it up completely.... until he started using your product. Unbelievably, there is no sign of it now. Please don't ever stop making this miracle stick! VM, Edgerton, WI

12/20/13- I have been using your product for 2 years now and love it. I have recommended this to a lot of people. LW, Calumet City, IL

12/17/13- Bought this at Cranberry Fest in Stone Lake, WI. My daughter loves it so now trying it for my husband. DW, Princeton, MN

12/10/13- We bought this from you a few years back at the Annandale Flea Market and loved it. With the cold weather I now have a whole houseful of dry legs and chapped cheeks. My husband reminded me of you when I complained that nothing stayed on our 2 year old's face and legs long enough to do his skin any good. AW, Zimmerman, MN

12/5/13- I find the bar soap is wonderful for my Rosacea. I use it for shampoo and full body wash. Very mild on my skin and the bar lasts a long time. Buckley's is not harsh like other similar soaps. LG, Fargo, ND

12/17/13- Bought this at Cranberry Fest in Stone Lake WI. My daughter loves it so now trying it for my husband. DW, Princeton, MN

12/2/13- Thank you again for the wonderful service! Found your booth in Phoenix and have been buying ever since. Thank you for shipping to Canada. KN, Enilda, AB Canada

12/2/13- Your B Lotion Bar is fabulous and works like a miracle! JU, Hancock, MI

11/1/13- THANKS AGAIN for your quality product! MB, St.Paul, MN

9/25/13- Bars arrived in today's mail. Thanks for the super quick shipping! I absolutely LOVE this product. It has helped me get to where I never have cracked skin anymore. Especially in low humidity in the winter, working with a lot of paper, my thumbs would crack and be so painful. I keep a tin at work and at home and one in my truck when I travel! Can't say enough good things about this product! DL, Richmond, TX

9/16/13- I picked up one of your lotion bars in June at the Back to 50's Car Show at the MN State Fairgrounds- What an amazing product!! KA, Eau Claire, WI

9/11/13- LOVE this! Bought it first at Clara City and since at Little Falls. Also introduced my dad and two friends to it. My elbows and heels have never been better! LW, Maple Grove, MN

8/23/13- I first purchased your products at the Anoka River Fest back in July. My heels have been cracked, dry and horrible for years and nothing has worked. 2 days with your Lotion Bar and they are back to normal. I also had a rash going for a few weeks and tried it on that. That rash is gone and I'm very happy. Thank you! DP, Ramsey, MN

8/17/13- I am totally satisfied with the product. It really works. MF, Scottsdale, AZ

8/8/13 - Hi Susan - I wanted to email you and tell you the bug spray works GREAT - we are using it and will buy more when we get low. Thanks! BT, Minneapolis, MN

8/5/13- I bought your product at the craft fair in Lakewood, WI and thought I'd give YET ANOTHER product a shot. I wasn't expecting much, perhaps some sort of a slight improvement, as that's all I've EVER had...and I've tried everything on my cracked heels. OMG! I got it Saturday and by Monday morning I have ABSOLUTELY NORMAL heels! Not just improved, but normal. Not a crack, or even a deep fissure! I would never have believed it. I PROMISE you that I will NEVER be without this product again. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! JT, West Allis, WI

7/16/13 - Thank you for this product! We discovered you at the Swap Meet in Mesa, AZ while on vacation and your product has truly helped my son and I. KS, Port Byron, IL

7/14/13- I met you at the Anoka downtown bizarre on Saturday and sampled your product and it really helped my Eczema on my hand. Today, Sunday, my Eczema is almost gone it's amazing. So I just had to order your product. CR, Anoka, MN

6/16/13- I purchased two of the twist-up bars in Tempe. I use daily on feet, cuticles, elbows, lips, and sometimes the excess on my hands to tame fly-aways. I don't want to be without. CM, Glendale, AZ

6/10/13- This product is amazing! I've tried so many "natural remedies" to rid my hands of dry, cracked, eczema skin but this was the only product that worked. I wore cotton gloves for nearly a year but with this product, my skin issues cleared up within just a few months and I noticed improvements immediately. It is thick and actually stayed on my skin unlike other more oily products that sluff off within the first minutes of use. It smells and looks great. The service and testimony of this product's founder is beyond excellent! Try it! You won't be sorry! JK, Willmar, MN

5/27/13- You guys are wonderful! Thanks so much for this great product! JK, Willmar, MN

5/17/13 - I first met you and tried your product at the Fountain Hills Art Fair and then purchased a few more at the Mesa Market Place & Swap Meet. I sent one to my son whose in the US Coast Guard stationed in NY. I am encouraging him to use it daily as he uses steroids now! Your lotion product has made a terrified improvement in my feet - it's miraculous! Thank you so much! AP, Mesa, AZ

4/18/13 - I am so glad I met you at the Tempe Festival of the Arts! I will definitely be ordering more of your wonderful, marvelous, fantastic, fabulous lotion bars! Would you say that I am amazed by this product. Cannot say enough. Thank you for giving me relief after many years of agony. SV, Tempe, AZ

4/13/13- I bought a tube at the market in Mesa, AZ a few weeks ago, so now I will give one to my daughter and your lip balm is second to none. PS, Spicer, MN

4/11/13- I just wanted to let you know, I have posted your product and an additional testimonial on my Facebook page. My spots that I have been fighting for several weeks are almost completely gone in just 5 days. After I put the lotion on my arms, I rub the residual lotion on my hands and face. My face has not been this clear of acne for years. I have tears as I am writing this. I literally heard my name spoken as I almost walked past your booth. When I looked in the direction I heard my name from, I saw no one speaking to me but saw your display. Thank you. Thank Goodness for you! All my love and blessings! Can't thank you enough. People don't look at me like I'm on drugs anymore, and even my co-workers have noticed. If you had samples I have a couple of friends with eczema that would really benefit from your product. If I could introduce them to the effects they would be as ecstatic as I am. LC, Apache Junction, AZ

4/8/13- I was at the Tempe Festival of the Arts on Saturday, 4-6-13. I hadn't taken much money with me as I had no intentions of buying stuff. Just looking. But as I walked past the booth with your lotion bars, and the pictures of before and after, I decided to stop and take a look. The lady at the booth put some on my arm where my skin is very broken out. I have been to dermatologists and tried many remedies with limited success. I decided to purchase your product because the spots on my arms are embarrassing and I will try anything. The VERY NEXT DAY I saw improvement. I use it two or three times a day, after my bath, in the morning and before I go to bed. My skin is looking better by leaps and bounds. The spots are rapidly shrinking, and some have already gone. I will most definitely be ordering more from you. Wish you were here in AZ all the time. What a wonderful product! Blessed Be, LC, Apache Junction, AZ

3/12/13- This is a wonderful product! My husband is making me order him some too. Thank you so much for finding something that actually works! TC, Roseville, MN

2/23/13- I Love this stuff!! It's great! AN, Pierz, MN

2/17/13 - By the way, I LOVE your products! KB, Ontario

1/11/13- I met you at Cranberry Fest in WI this summer. What a great product. My hands have been thanking you all winter! Thank you to you and your husband. KH, Boyd,WI

1/11/13- It's the best product I've ever used on my hands! Great stuff! L, So.St.Paul, MN

1/7/13- Thank you so much for a WONDERFUL product. It has been a miracle fix for me and I wouldn't live without it. JU, Hancock, MI

1-6-13- This product is terrific! I bought a 1 oz. bar at the Wo-Zha-Wa Days at Wisc. Dells in Sept. 2012 and I just love it. I have problems with chapped hands, your products have taken care of it! My hands have never looked better! CB, Chicago, IL

12/3/12- We purchased one of the lotion bars over the summer in Wisc Dells and it's truly amazing. My husband sets tile and his hands are cracked and dry, especially in the winter, this product has worked wonders. He noticed a difference in a matter of days. Thank You! CK, Hubertus, WI

11/29/12- This product is amazing! I have tried everything there is, even steroid creme from prescription and nothing has ever helped, except your product! I have always had a problem with my hands, and I work in a bookstore which makes them worse. People at work and my family cannot believe how nice my hands look since using this. I was very lucky to find it. A co-worker found your booth at a fair in Wisconsin, and thought of me right away. She also has had problems with dry hands and she shared some with me. We are both extremely happy to have found it! BF, Naperville, IL

12/18/12 - Your products are great; I've never had such consistent pain free and itch free and chapp free hands and arms and feet for a long time. The lotion goes a long ways! Best wishes and thanks again! LH, Thompsonville, IL

12/6/12- Excellent product. I have shared it with many others at our hospital and they have had success with it also. Thank you! RS,MD- Cedar Falls, IA

12/3/12- We purchased one of the lotion bars over the summer in the Wisconsin Dells and it is truly amazing. My husband sets tile and his hands are cracked and dry, especially in the winter, this product has worked wonders. He noticed a difference in a matter of days. Thank You. CK, Hubertus, WI

11/21/12- Best product I have ever used! Bought first bar at the LF Arts and Crafts Fair! Unbelievable results! Thank you for demonstrating and your testimony. JK, Little Falls, MN 11/13/12 - PayPal Rating: Excellent; Price Rating: Excellent; Shipping Options: Excellent; Delivery Options Rating: Excellent; Ease of Purchase: Excellent; Customer Service Rating: Excellent; Body: BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD! JM, St. Paul, MN

11/4/12- I bought some of your lotion bars at Clara City on Sat. Nov.3 Wow!! My elbows and feet feel so nice that I had to tell you. I'm in a doll club in Alexandria and I'm going to tell all the ladies about it!! Thanks so much for introducing it to me. SD, Alexandria, MN

10/31/12 - I love your product! I love...love your product! Best product I have used!!!! JM, Eagan, MN

9/27/12- I have had Psoriasis on my body for over ten years and I have only been using this product for about 3 weeks and it really works, better than anything I have used before, including prescription medications! AH, Winona, MN

9/24/12- I have been using this product for a couple years now and it is nothing short of a miracle! My friends and family all use it and they agree! It really works! Thank You! ME, Moorhead, MN

9/14/12- This is my second order within a week and a half, as I have stated before, I am a scrub nurse in the OR located in Waterloo, if not for this lotion, I would have to change possibly to an office job (yuck). I love my work and I love this lotion, thanks for the life change, I recommend this product to everyone! I think I will have our pharmacy stock it...thanks so much again. DJ, Waterloo, IA

9/12/12- I was introduced to your product at the "Big One" in Minot, ND a few years ago. My mom and I stopped by your booth and read the testimonials. I had struggled clearing my Eczema for years and tried different prescriptions to no avail. I was actually hospitalized with a staph infection because of my Eczema. Needless to say, I was skeptical to try this product, but both my mother and I thought it couldn't hurt. We bought a lotion bar and within weeks my hands were clear. It takes away the burning, the itching and inflammation. As far as I'm concerned, it is a miracle product! Your product is a life-saver. I leave one at home and carry one in my purse at all times. Thanks for all you do! MG, Rolette, ND

9/19/12- I really appreciate your immediate response. I cannot believe I let myself run out of your product! My hands depend on this awesome product. I am an in-home daycare provider and my hands are always being washed, so they are extremely dry and cracked and at times even bleeding. I have never found anything that works so great and does not burn when I put it on. Mary T, WI 9/19/12 - I got one of these at the Norwood Young America craft fair that you were at and my husband loves it. So I have to buy one for myself and one just for a spare. I have only used it a couple of times but it has already helped my extremely dry feet! LT, Gaylord,MN 9/18/12 - Just to let you know, I actually purchased your B Lotion Bar at the Mesa Market on a visit last yaer. I'll admit I was skeptical but have to say it did more healing than my 3 prescription creams together for the psoriasis I had on the bottom of my foot! My sister-in-law for years has been plagued with a different type of psoriasis so I would like to introduce this product to her. We will be back in AZ in November, I'll be certain to drop by your booth if I don't decided to purchase it sooner via the phone. Glad you're giving the drug companies a run for their money! GJ, Canada

9/12/12 - Add the following to my recent testimonial: I was introduced to your product at the "Big One" in Minot, ND a few years ago. My mom and I stopped by your booth and read the testimonials. I had struggled clearning my eczema for years and tried different prescriptions to no avail. I was actually hospitalized with a staph infection because of my eczema. Needless to say, I was skeptical to try this product, but both my mother and I thought it couldn't hurt. We bought a lotion bar and witin weeks my hands were clear. It takes away the burning, the itching and inflammation. As far as I am concerned it is a miracle product! Your product is a lifesaver. I leave one at home and carry one in my purse at all times. Thanks for all you do! MG, Rolette, ND

9/11/12 - This is the ONLY product that works on my eczema! MG, Rolette ND

9/9/12 - I have made some purchases for your lotion from your website over the last two years and just love your product. It has really helped my hands! LP, Eagan, MN

9/5/12 - oh my gosh. I'm a scrub nurse in surgery (Waterloo, Iowa). One of my surgeons brought a tin of your lotion bar back to me from a craft show. I tried it and I'm no longer looking for another job! Thank you for the life change! DJ, Waterloo, IA

8/31/12 - More to add to my previous testimony: I looked for 5 years to help with my son's eczema and my mon came across your lotion bar at a flea market...and thought it couldn't make it any worse! His skin was terrible - and the docs medicine weakened his immune system.. so he was seemingly always sick. Thanks alot for the great lotion! TM, Fridley, MN

8/31/12 - I have ordered your product a few times... I just wanted to say: I LOVE IT!! It took my son's eczema away and now we are going to try mine! TM, Fridley, MN

8/30/12 - Thanks - the lotion is really helping! I'm also buying some tins for family - it really speeds the healing of little cuts and things too! EF, St. Paul, MN

8/29/12 - I bought a lotion bar from you at the Mendota, IL Sweet corn Festival. Within a week of starting use, my hands are completely clear. I am amazed. I have been battling Dyshidrosis for about 5 years now, and have tried about everything out there, both RX and OTC. I just placed a new order. Do you ever do retail? My wife and I own a small shop that sells vitamins, encapsulated herbs and natural cleaning supplies. We though this would fit right in being all natural (and very effective!). I am a very satisfied customer and would like to get the word out about your product. Thank you! HN, Mendota, IL

8/16/12 - Thanks again for a great product! CS, Lemont, IL

8/11/12 - I have bought some lotion from you at Back to the 50's. This really works and I love the soap too! Thank you! BO, Hanley Falls, MN

7/30/12 - I can't say enough about your lotion! I bought a small bar on a Friday night at the Ely Blueberry Festival and my hands literally cleared up overnight! I went back the next morning and bought a couple more twist-ups for me, and some large tins of lotion for my staff. Unbelieveable! I am a general surgeon in Iowa, and the surgical team are allergic to the latex gloves we have to wear. I've tried every type of lotion out there and your product is the only thing that has worked - and overnight! Thank you! GS, Cedar Falls, IA

6/19/12 - My wife bought me one of those lavender things (twist-up) for the cracks in my feet. I gotta tell ya, not only did the cracks diminish overnight, but now my feet don't smell, nor do my shoes! GREAT STUFF! TM, Minneapolis, MN 5/18/12 - I use your lotion on my face because my CPAP irritates my skin... your stuff works wonders! Thanks! JS, Onamia, MN

12/10/11 - I just want to tell you how well your product worked for me. I was sent a tin by my sister-in-law who knows I suffer with eczema. To complicate matters, I am also an operating room nurse, which means wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. My eczema on both elbows has cleared completely, and when the weather started to get colder and my hands started to itch, I reached for your lotion bar and received immediate relief! I am excited to try the new roll-up applicators and plan on keeping one in my pocket at work and one in my purse. Before bed at night, I "lather up" my arms and feet and sleep peacefully with no dry skin itching. I can't sing you praises enough. Thank you, from one who's hands are in the trenches! LW, Brighton, MI

12/7/11 - We love your product! We ordered one bar for us and 3 for others that want to try it - working PR for you guys. It's easy to recommend good products like yours. Keep up the great product! LG, Maple Grove, MN

12/8/11 - Hi again, Susan! Thank You for your SUPER customer service and WONDERFUL product. I really appreciate it!! It's winter again, and driving a truck really dries out my hands. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! MB, St. Paul, MN

11/20/11 - Hi Steve and Susan! I wanted to let you know that your 'B'lotion bar is working Absolutely Awesome! My whole hand is cleared up as of now, and it has only been a few days. You have been a GOD SENT! I have struggled and have been so depressed over this health issue, and I just can't believe how cleared up it is already! No cracks or dryness AT ALL! I just want to say thanks a million for all of your help with this! Also I Absolutely love this bar! It is so much easier then rubbing lotion on it constantly! Once again thanks a MILLION and Have an Awesome weekend! AS, Brainerd, MN

11/3/11 - Had Cellulitis from cracks in my right hand, was hospitalized. I am so very happy that a friend of mine told me about the Buckley's bee lotion bar. I couldn't believe how fast it worked and the cracks closed. Thank you, thank you. PS, Exeter, CA

10/18/11 - I will tell everyone I know about your product. If it can help them the way it's helped me, I'll be your best advertisement! When I said that your product was an answer to my prayers, you really were. God works in wonderful ways! JU, Hancock, MI

10/5/11 - My two daughters and I each bought a 2 oz. B lotion bar at the Warrens Cranberry Fest. My little granddaughter has eczema, as well as my husband. My granddaughter is 5 years old and the bar worked very well and cleared up all her areas in a matter of only 3 days! She likes that she can rub it on herself and mom likes that it doesn't make a mess! My husband hasn't tried it yet - his yearly eczema will start appearing soon as the weather gets a little colder. I love it for the bottoms of my feet - really helps with the dry/rough areas. A coworker of mine has psoriasis. I am ordering her a bar to try. Thanks for your great product! KM, Edgar, WI

10/17/11 - I want to thank you for your products and wanted to let you know how much we are appreciating them. I have ordered the lotion bars for my daughter who was recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. This condition has played havoc on her body and she is in a lot of pain. In addition, the psoriasis has continued to get worse. My neighbor had ordered the lotion bar for her son and he said it gives him relief for the skin discomfort and really liked it. I thought I would try it for my daughter and she says the same thing.. and that it is the only thing that gives her some relief! Thank you! FT, Rice Lake, WI

10/13/11 - Hi, I bought a tin of your lotion bar at the Warrens Cranfest. After trying countless products for my psoriasis, nothing has worked until your product. You are an answer to my prayers --- literally. Thank you! JU, Hancock, MI

9/25/11 - Hi. I bought a tin of your product at the Little Falls Craft Fair for my son with eczema. I said I hope I can come back next year and let you know how amazing it is. I actually just wanted to let you know that it really works! We applied it right away to his ankles and within an hour it was smooth! His ankles haven't been like that in so long! My partner also applied it once to his elbows which are like sandpaper and only one application made them smooth again! I am so amazed! Thank you so much! I can't wait to place another order! I will be recommending this to everyone I know! ALA, Little Falls, MN

9/23/11 - I was recently given a tin of B Lotion Bar as a gift. I set it aside thinking nothing of it. A month later my 7 yr old son came down with a case of jock itch that quickly became very resistant to the OTC creams and sprays. After the 5th tube of expensive cream, I came across the B lotion bar in my drawer. At this point I would have tried anything! What a wonderful relief and surprise that after 2 days the jock itch was drying up! I have also tried it as the mosquito repellent, yep it worked for that too. Not to mention my nails grew practically over night and have never been stronger! THANK YOU!!!! SC, Blaine, MN

8/27/11 - Steve and Susan, I am so glad I went to Ely! It wasn't my plan. My friend didn't want to go alone. I am a believer of your product! Like you, I've tried everything, even acupuncture. Thanks so much! CK, Biwabik, MN

8/20/11 - I am SO excited! I live in Oregon, and my parents were just visiting from MN for a week. My mom mentioned she bought a "B" Lotion Bar at the Blueberry Fest and it it supposed to work wonders on eczema. I have tried everything to 'win' the eczema battle, but have been defeated every time. So she brought the lotion bar with her and I used it every day. It's wonderful. We split the bar in half before she flew back home, so I could continue to use it until I got my very own. I am always skeptical of trying new things on my hands, but I figured, what the heck? I have nothing to lose! I am always embarrassed to use my hands in public, and often try to hide them as they are cracked, itchy, bloody, and just haven't healed... well, until I started using the "B" Lotion Bar, that is. What a relief, phew! I am really excited to get all of my goodies and I am so thankful to have tried this new product which proved success within a matter of a week! KS, Oregon

7/24/11 - I met you at the Street Fair in Fargo and am thrilled with your product! I have eczema on both hands and one foot. The initial application of the lotion bar relieved the pain from the severe dry skin. I've never used a product that actually moisturizes beneath the dry scaly patches like yours does. Thank you, thank you, thank you! SP, Fargo, ND

6/21/11 - My ex-husband was at the Back to the Fifties event with my daughter when they came across your Lotion Bar. She said, Mom could really use this and he bought it for me. First, how nice after 29 years since we were together that he would do that for me. Most important, is how much I love this product. Like others, I tried many different products, nothing compares to the results I've seen after less than a week! My daughter would say "What's wrong with your feet, Mom?!" Now, I can wear sandals without worrying if people see my feet. Thank you very much! EM, St. Paul, MN

6/18/11 - Steve, I have been suffering from an unknown "itch" on my forearms for over 25 years. I have tried EVERYTHING to stop the itching. I purchased a "B" Lotion Bar from you at the Val Vista Village Market in Mesa, AZ, the last Monday I was on my holiday. I tried it immediately upon returning to my 5th wheel, it took a couple of applications but by the time I reached my home in Ladysmith BC Canada (5 days), my "itch" had totally disappeared! My granddaughter suffers from eczema and is now using my bar, with GREAT results! I think the best thing I got out of my vacation was your "B" Lotion Bar!!! I am so grateful not to be itching and scratching until I bleed. Thank you! CR, Ladysmith BC Canada

6/17/11 - WOW! My 13 year old daughter has had eczema from birth. It is exacerbated by her allergies. I have tried everything - I've spent well over $8500 in her lifetime on her skin. We recently moved to the country. My daughter is very allergic to cats and we have kittens that she won't stop petting. She was on steroids last month due to the fact her entire body was red, weepy and swollen. I was ready to get rid of the cats!! We went to the Long Prairie craft fair and I bought 2 large bars of the your lotion (my 8 year old also has a mild case of eczema) at the suggestion of my husband. I almost didn't. I thought, "great, another $30 wasted". My daughter's skin is almost completely healed in 3 days but some of the infected sores are still there. I don't even know what to say. THANK YOU - from the bottom of my heart. God has answered my prayers through your product. MVL, St Cloud

6/10/11 - The 'B' lotion bar is working great! I was just wondering how I could order more of it. KW, Detroit Lakes, MN

6/3/11 - Thank you so much! These bars are working wonders on my husband's psoriasis. The results in such a short time, are so astounding! His elbows, knees and hands are all looking and feeling so much better. He had been suffering so much before he started to use your bars. He had tried many things before this (including countless - and very expensive - prescription lotions and gels) and nothing had any impact. I also used it on a 2nd degree burn on the back of my hand last week, and it's healing up very well. I just referred a co-worker to you a couple of weeks ago (for his psoriasis) and I see him carrying his tin around now as well. Hooray!! Yvonne, Lake Mary, FL

6/1/11 - I am passing the word around on your lotion bar products... what a blessing you and your husband have been to soooo many... there is always a reason for everything... so may this bring many people years of relief!!! I am sure I will be ordering more. Thank you. CR, Minneapolis, MN

6/1/11 - I have psoriasis on the back of my head and this is the only thing I have found that has cleared up the spots and stopped the itching! I will never be without your lotion bar! DP, Buffalo, MN

5/30/11 - Please find a check for two large unscented blocks of your great lotion bars. Will admit I was a bit skeptical when my wife talked me into trying some, but after my feet started cracking a couple weeks ago, I started using your product. They are soft as a baby's behind. My hands even feel good! Thanks again!! A Convinced Customer! SB, Eden Valley, MN

5/29/11 - Jesus LOVES you! Thank you for the wonderful lotion bar! LF, Bloomington, MN

5/18/11 - A 90 year old (blind) woman whose legs were red, dry, and cracked, said that after her husband applied the lotion bar to her legs, they immediately felt "different" and by the next day, her legs were no longer red, dry and the cracks were diminishing, and within a week's time, were great! And for the first time in three years, they no longer itched or burned. BD, Mound, MN

5/13/11 - Amazing!! I've been suffering from cracked skin on my right hand fingers, even to the extent that it's very difficult to hold a pen or brush to create my art work, books and poems. This beeswax lotion bar is a God-send. LL, Mound, MN

A friend's daughter had 'blackish-looking' legs that were chapped and sore all the time. She'd doctored so many times, tested for diabetes and other diseases. No doctor could find out what was wrong. She has tried numerous lotions and salves on her legs and nothing took away the pain or discoloration. Her mother bought two of your lotion bars for her daughter. And a couple days after using the lotion bars, the daughter called her mother and said 'You won't believe my legs, they look and feel normal! SB, Buffalo, MN

I would like to give you an update of the Lotion Bar I purchased for Lyle's cracking fingers... you were right... it works!! No pain or cracks this year. So I'd like to purchase 2 more of them for friends. TK, Buffalo, MN

I love it! Can you send me a couple more lotion bars? BG, Hawley, MN

5/17/11 - I bought two lotion bars in Arizona and gave one to my mother. I am out of my lotion bar and I want to order three right now. I will never be without again, and will reorder when I'm down to one lotion bar. SC, Eden Prairie, MN

You are an answer to prayer! GB, Navarre, MN

My brother said his fingertips got better the first day after he used it; and he no longer has to wear bandaids on his fingers! Troy, St. Cloud, MN

Love your Lotion Bar ... makes my hands so smooth, I can tell the product is healing my hands already! They aren't red and don't itch anymore! BB, Wayzata, MN

This is so easy to use it's like a bar of soap in your hands, and not goopy like lotion! I tell you, I'll never go without it from here on out! love how my hands feel. GA, SC

I came to meet you and to buy 3 more LARGE lotion bars! This is the ONLY thing that has cleared up my legs and arms in the past 30 years from diabetes! I noticed in two days they were clearing up, the coloration is almost back and the sores are healing up on my arms and legs! I am your best friend. I live in Grand Rapids, MI and will be one of your best customers! HS, Grand Rapids, MN

I received one of your lotion bars as a gift from a friend. I suffer from Agent Orange on my head, from the Vietnam War and for 40 years have dealt with the VA. I get a certain type shampoo I'm supposed to use 2x week, some antibiotic salves for the sores and sometimes take antibiotics orally because of the itching and pain. I want two more large bars, as I will NEVER be without this product! It's the ONLY thing that has worked for me!!! (His wife commented as he walked away, that he even has a 'bounce in his step' after all these years!) BP, Buffalo, MN

My husband has psoriasis and the lotion bar works very well for him... we love the product! MB, Fargo, ND

We love your product and great service! C&V, St. Paul, MN

Love the lotion bar and so does my friend Judy!!! I am really glad that I ran into you two at the Champlin Craft Show. Keep up the good work. I love that you ship the same day and I get my stuff right away!! TS, Champlin, MN

I picked up a lotion bar and lip balm in Minot from you and have been very pleased with the results... my hands are 100% better!!! JP, Minot, ND

Looking forward to trying your product! I'm giving some for Christmas presents, too! A co-worker gives your product great reviews! DA, Duluth, MN

My co-worker stopped by your booth during Cranfest and just loves the once a day lotion bar. My husband drives a cement truck so I'm hoping this works just as well for him. If it does, I'll come back and purchase one for my dad as well! SK, Independence WI

I purchased the lotion bar at Warren's. I have multiple skin issues and I do have to say I think it has helped some, in just a short time! Thanks! JN, Medford, WI

Please send these lotion bars ASAP as we need to take them with us when we go on our trip! I don't want to be without it!! JK, Strum, WI

I found you at Little Falls. My boyfriend has really bad psoriasis and nothing has worked, but this stuff has been working great so far!!! His psoriasis is slowly going away, it's great! RJ, Fargo, ND

You guys are GREAT! You could have just used the lotion bar for your own benefit, but you're angels for sharing this great product with others! Thank you! CJ, Buffalo, MN

I bought a lotion bar from you at the Little Falls craft fair. It healed my daughter's eczema within days, just as you said. Yes, it is better than any medication or lotion we've ever tried. Now I'm ordering one for my husband, my mother and me, just for our dry skin. Could you please send a variety of 3 different designs in this shipment? CK, Minneapolis, MN

Please send me the unscented lotion bar. I bought my first bar from you at the Back to the Fifties show at the state fairgrounds and LOVE it! I had been using some $74 per roll cordran tape for my dry skin on my feet that my dermatologist prescribed... haven't used any of the tape since I started using the lotion bar I bought at the show that day. I'm buying one of the regular size bars just to pack in my travel bag as we've been traveling a little more often, and then will keep the large one at home! Thanks so much!! KA, DePere, WI

I saw a co-worker with your lotion bar, and so I bought one the next day at the craft fair here in Fargo. I love it and have to pass it on. I would love the gift bags for the 10 small bars, the large bar is for me of course! PN, Fargo, ND