Upcoming Events & Stores

ARIZONA SALES: EVERY FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 8am to 4pm Mesa Market Place - Mesa, AZ on Signal Butte and Baseline, sold in BOOTH SPACE A73 (located near the Scooter Rental booth seen from the first parking lot). True Marketing, (which sells a myriad of items, from sheets to wall pictures), sells our lotion in twist-up tubes and bars in the tins ONLY. Buckley Naturals lotion sits on a shelf close to the check-out counter. If you're unable to locate our lotion, please check with the clerk.

We so appreciate all of our Buckley Naturals followers and word-of-mouth promotion of our products on our behalf!

BUCKLEY NATURALS! **REMEMBER... Our lotion is 'naturally' antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal, and with all the recommendations for hand washing and hand sanitizing during this COVID pandemic, we BEE-lieve our lotion is the BEST to prevent those dry hands, in addition to all those nasty skin issues. BE SURE TO ORDER ON-LINE or give us a call (please leave message) 763-682-9600... WE CHARGE VERY MINIMAL SHIPPING/HANDLING COSTS!

We do sell products out of our home in Buffalo, Mn and ask that you please call ahead of time if you are interested in stopping by - 763-682-9600 and leave a message. Due to the high volume of 'ROBO' calls, we'll return your call as soon as we can. Sorry for any inconveniences!

We are looking to place our products in businesses across the country, as well as finding distributors. If you are interested in selling our products, please give us a call at 763-682-9600, or cell 320-248-1720.

Our products are currently sold at:

MINNESOTA: Maple Grove - Schuler Shoes, new store in the Arbor Lakes area(Unscented Twist-ups only) 763-494-4878

St. Cloud - Schuler Shoes, (Unscented Twist-ups only) 342 3rd Street NE, St. Cloud (Near Crossroads Shopping Center)

Buffalo - Woods' Edge Apple Orchard (Aug to Mid-Nov), 763-682-4409, woodsedgeapples@msn.com

Again, if you have ANY questions about our products, or if you are interested in carrying our lotion, give us a call at home, 763-682-9600 (please leave a message).